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Seven Bowls of Kibble...

Seven Bowls of Kibble...

This is how I feel now that I’m in my second trimester. I just cannot get enough food sometimes; I daydream about a never-ending bowl of steaming hot noodley soup waiting for me to dig in. Have I mentioned my love of noodles? My undying love? More than anything else, noodles are the one food that have gotten me this far, although this means I am going through pasta at a prodigious pace. I’ve eaten a bowl of pesto every day this week (I know, so many carbs, right? I’ll worry about a that shit when I’m not, oh, CARRYING A CHILD), and have discovered that an extra squirt of lemon juice on top of it is like… super heaven. I love lemons. Lemons, noodles, and ginger ale. Maybe with some dill pickle spears on the side, although I haven’t had a pickle in at least two weeks now.

Anyhow, I was inspired to post this because I just parboiled some potatoes for hash browns later. Although, I have discovered that fried food tends to upset my stomach these days (which I mean really, if my baby doesn’t want to eat greasy stuff, I’m okay with that), even if I have had a desire to make fried chicken that is constantly foiled by the fact that I KEEP FUCKING FORGETTING to buy flour & cornmeal at the store. But seriously. Hash browns. Fucking pro. Too bad I don’t have any cheese in the house (another thing I keep forgetting to buy) to top them with, to make them super … healthy …

Next week, my father-in-law will be visiting the new apartment. Fortunately, we haven’t lived here for long enough to make it a disaster area yet, and I’ve even swept the floors THREE TIMES this week (which may be more times than I swept them in a year at the old apartment, but let’s not dwell on those dark hours). Of course, last night, Buffy decided to piss all over the couch, which JUST LAST WEEK we steam cleaned and Febreeze’d the shit out of. It’s really out of character for the dogs to pee on the furniture — we broke them of that habit at least a year ago (except for when my brother-in-law tried to pet Buffy that one time and she did a little submissive peepee for him). But okay, here’s what happened — see, Cindy McCain was talking and I got too bored to continue sitting there listening to her drone on (Michelle Obama she is not), so I came to the computer and screwed around on Facebook & TPM until she finished (I was so bored by her that I even did dishes and made lunch for Chris after this). Anyhow, I finish with the dishes, I walk out to see my dogs… and there is piss all over my couch. WHAT THE FUCK, SERIOUSLY. Clearly, one of my pets loves the Stepford Wife about as much as I do, and I think it’s Buffy because 1) she looked guilty and 2) Joss lifts his leg and pees ON things, such as boxes sitting innocently on our old apartment floor waiting to be moved, not all over and across things, like innocent couch cushions.

Anyhow, I’ll be putting a cover over the couch.


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