You might want to tell your parents…

September 5, 2008 at 7:43 pm (Daily Life) (, )

So, in the several years that we were at our old apartment, we got calls for Mr. or Mrs. Fierino at least once a week.  You’d think that after the first year, these calls would have tapered off, but no.  Today, at this new place, I just got our first misdirected call, asking for “Janet”.  When I politely informed the woman that we had just gotten this phone number and no one by that name lived here, she said, “Oh, I got this number from Information… you might want to tell your parents to call Information and let them know that you have the number now.”

I wanted to laugh, but I figured that wouldn’t make me sound any older.  Not that I’m offended or whatnot at being taken for younger than I am — I guess I was just never aware that I sounded like a child when I chat on the phone!

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