Cheesy, Creamy, and Neon Orange…

September 6, 2008 at 2:55 pm (Daily Life, food) (, , , )

So this morning, I woke up at the exotic hour of 10am! Sleeping in is a luxury that I will continue to enjoy for as long as possible, which is most likely until, oh, next week when my husband is off work and just might wake me up early to play LotRO with him (not if he knows what’s good for him!) But no, at most, it’ll last until the baby comes in February… or does a baby start moving enough to wake up an innocent mommy before then? I dunno.

Anyhow, point being, I woke up at 10am, which is the time that one of my favourite TV programs comes on: TLC’s Bringing Home Baby. When I first found out I was pregnant (at my mom’s house!), I used to watch this show and cry over how wonderful and beautiful the whole emotional gamut experienced by the parents was… now I watch it to snicker at the whiners and cheer when boy babies pee on their parents (I remember my mom warning me about this with my brother! “The air hits him, he lets loose!”). I know, I’m so mature.

But, I forgot that it’s Saturday. The weekends are the WORST for trying to watch television — not that I’m a big TV watcher, but, I do like to chill in front of the TV for at least an hour early in the day. So when I skittered out of the bedroom, said hello to the dogs (and they didn’t want to go outside, which was amazing), and turned on TLC only to realize it’s the weekend, dammit, I was kinda bummed. But there’s always the Discovery channel, and this morning, it’s an episode of “Man vs. Wild: Bear Eats”. THIS SHOW IS SO FUCKING DISGUSTING, and there I am eating my yogurt & granola while watching him eat bugs (they have three times more protein than red meat!), zebra eyeballs, and goat testicles. I mean, seriously. After awhile I was like “this is just not a great idea”, and decided to browse my Google Reader to see what’s new on the internet today.

Fortunately for my queasy stomach, over at Motherhood Uncensored, Kristen’s got a post about some delicious looking little snacks going on. Fortunately, her post (and this one now!) were written for Parent Bloggers Network as an entry for a contest sponsored by Brothers-All-Natural, and I just learned about PBN’s “Blog Blasts”. Basically, once a month (and now that I’ve subscribed to their newsletter I’ll be right on top of it all!) they ask parent bloggers to write about a specific topic, link to a specific company, and then enter us in a drawing to win a prize — all while directing traffic to my site, their site, and the sponsor’s site. Win-win-win!

So, enough of this, right? What’s my secret snack obsession? Well, it’s not bugs, nor eyeballs, nor (thankfully for my boys) testicles; and as much as I love to nomnom on my chihuahua’s ears, I don’t think those count either. I’d say Gardetto’s, but I can’t find them up here in Canada (even though I did eat like seventeen pounds of them last time I was in the US), so here it goes:

Ohhh yes, Kraft Dinner. Or, for the Americans, Kraft Mac & Cheese. This is one of the few things my husband will actually cook (and enjoy cooking), so not only is it a guilty pleasure for me, I can just chill out and let him make it, then bring it to me with oodles of black pepper on top. The first time during my pregnancy when I actually had an appetite, I asked my husband to make two boxes of KD, because I didn’t want to have to share with him! That was a glorious night. And it took me an hour, but I ate that entire bowl of KD and it was GOOD.

Also, I just want to say — the “smooth” peanut butter in my picture? Not my idea. I’m a crunchy girl, extra-super-crunchy if I can get it, natural if I’m feeling really frisky. Fortunately, there is a jar of crunchy right next to it on the other side 😉


  1. Blog Blast Confessional: Snack Attack! | The Parent Bloggers Network said,

    […] Cheesy, Creamy, and Neon Orange… […]

  2. magpie said,

    LOL – I’ve never been able to eat that stuff, but my sister loves it.

  3. SuZ said,

    I am a huge huge huge mac n’ cheese fan… I can, and do, eat it all the time!!

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