September 6, 2008 at 5:39 pm (Daily Life) (, , )

Pregnancy has made sneezing an interesting, and sometimes dangerous, proposition. I’ve discovered that no amount of bodily contortion can guarantee that I won’t end up feeling like my womb just tore open and my baby is going to come tumbling out, and forget about anything “graceful” (although let’s be honest, I’m not even remotely graceful to begin with) such as a quiet, chic “a-choo” while waltzing down the road. Oh no, I must be twisted around, bent over, one hand pressed against my abdomen and one over my mouth & nose to still the inevitable spray. Have I mentioned that my nose is stuffed all the time? So hopefully, that hand has a tissue in it.

Oh, the joys of pregnancy… !


  1. HeatherErin said,

    What, you haven’t wet yourself sneezing yet?

    I’ll tell you, even with pelvic muscles of steel, I learned that you do NOT sneeze in lotus, or in any position that doesn’t have your thighs glued together.

    Well, not if you want to wear that underwear all day.

  2. SuZ said,

    Have you tried the breathe right strips for your nose? When I was pregnant those helped my stuffy noses BIG TIME!! 🙂 And thanks for your comment!

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