September 14, 2008 at 11:49 pm (Baby Stuff) (, , )

I’m wondering if it’s appropriate to post a picture of my boobs on my blog. I mean, like, in a bra. I’m pregnant and they are just so amazing looking that I want to cry. But then again, most people (everyone?) that comes here has been pregnant, hence they know what big round pregnant boobies look like. Still. Fuck. I am amazed with my girls. AMAZED! I think I will change Chris’ computer desktop to the picture I just took.

EDIT: Or at least I would if Vista’s networking weren’t a piece of shit.



  1. Michelle said,

    Well, it is legal here in Ontario 😉

  2. Tiffany said,

    Boobs rock. I have always had ‘um, so I didn’t really delight in them getting bigger during pregnancy… but you go girl… get a few low cut maternity shirts!

  3. Opinionated Diva said,

    LMAO!!! I can think of several of my male blogging homies who would love to see…but I beg you…please dont!

    Thanks in advance!

  4. fyreflixie said,

    @diva – I agree with you, deep down inside. I thought to myself “would I like to go to someone’s blog and be unexpectedly confronted with a picture of their boobs?” And since my answer was SOMETIMES, which means that once in awhile I wouldn’t, I decided against it 😉

    @Michelle – I’m pretty sure Ontario is another word for ‘heaven’ sometimes. I really love this place!

    @Tiffany – Definitely! Yesterday I was struttin around wearing my only low-cut shirt, which is just not shaped for a pregnant chick, and it was pretty impressive to me (with my pre-pregnancy A cups…)

  5. Crazy Momma said,

    Hey why not? I got a Victoria Secret Bra recently and was SO amazed at how wonderful my boobies looked (after pregnancy, breastfeeding and a large weight loss) that I wish I had taken pictures…hmmm….

    Loved the video links you sent 🙂

  6. Damselfly said,

    Yes, pregnant boobs. Cherish them before they deflate…. 😉

  7. Cara said,

    Oh yes, pregnant boobies are AWESOME! It was pretty much non-stop drooling from my husband.

  8. Stephanie said,

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about the boobs! I’m 22 weeks right now and I LOVE mine. They’re gorgeous. I’ve never had them before. And with my pregnancy they’re friggin’ amazing.

    You rock. Love the blog. What fun!

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