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September 16, 2008 at 11:52 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

Alright, so, I read a lot of “mommy blogs” (I know a lot of people hate that title, but I think it’s endearing and not demeaning).  In fact, I read and comment on so many that I am a bit scared of putting a blogroll up because I don’t want to miss out on anyone (plus, the list would be like… twenty+ links).

So today, I’m going to focus on one blog in particular that has really touched me and made me consider how I, and my baby, will interact politely and supportively with special needs children, rather than being afraid of someone different from my standards of normalcy.  That blog is Tiptoeing Through The Tulips, where Cristin chats about her two children: her youngest, Dottie, and her eldest, Graham, an amazing little man who has persevered through CDH at birth and more medical procedures than any child should have to bear — one of which resulted in him being deaf.

I have to admit, reading her blog is not always easy, and neither is commenting, because I am worried of saying something unintentionally offensive or sounding insincere.  But I do feel strongly that it’s more important for me to show my support and fondness for her & her family than to sit at my computer being held back by worry.

So if you would, drop by Tiptoeing Through The Tulips and meet them :]



  1. Dana said,

    Cristin Rocks!!!!! I love hearing her stories about her life and kids. Definitely check it out if you haven’t!

  2. cuddlynn said,

    I’ve never checked out her blog, but I definetly will. Thanks for posting it 🙂

  3. Daniel's Mom said,

    i didn’t put a blogroll for a long time until lately.. 😉 i have my blogroll on a LinkPage and not on the sidebars, for SEO purposes.. by the way, I’ve added your site on my links-Page., I like your outspoken way of bringing things up., things about family and politics.. 🙂

  4. Cristin said,

    I am so touched by this! Thank you!
    Don’t you ever worry about offending me… unless you’re gonna tell me my ass looks fat… that would piss me off.
    You’ve just landed yourself on my blogroll.

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