Things I Have Lost in the Last 24 hours

September 18, 2008 at 7:26 am (Daily Life) (, )

Is absent-mindedness a pregnancy symptom? Cause I am dealing with it in spades…

my workout sheet, which I found tucked behind the front cover of this month’s Vanity Fair

the salt shaker, which I found in the sink

the TV remote, which I found IN THE FRIDGE

Also, I knocked this spider off my 2nd floor balcony (I did not kill him!) so technically, I helped someone lose his home:



  1. Cara said,

    I try to be magnanimous regarding our eight legged friends because they eat the other bugs I hate so much, but a big guy like that would freaked my out.

  2. Fyreflixie said,

    The most disturbing thing about this big guy is that on Tuesday afternoon, my husband noticed him — in the middle of a web that spanned the distance between that railing and the bottom of the balcony above ours, sucking the brains out of some other creature. Hubby took a broom, and swept down the web — the spider with it, we assumed (I was behind him screaming at the dogs: “GET INSIDE!”). So when I walked out on the balcony Thursday and saw him there…. I freaked.

  3. Dana said,

    Yes, absentmindedness is a symptom. But guess what – you can blame so many things on it. Then it’s called “I just had a baby” absentmindedness…but it’s more commonly known as Lack Of Sleep.

    Sorry about the spider. Hubby just evacuated (via the toilet) the biggest millipede I have ever seen. EEWW!

  4. fyreflixie said,

    Dana: I am so happy to hear that :] I’ve been pretty snappy lately, and forgetful, so at least one of them can be blamed on pregnancy!

  5. Cristin said,

    I would have squashed his icky ass. Sorry. My sister lets spiders live, I give them the sneaker treatment.

    I remember the pregnancy brain. I can’t tell you how many times I got out of the shower, started drying myself off, and realized I never rinsed the conditioner out of my hair.

  6. fyreflixie said,

    Cristin: I made dinner for myself the other night while my husband was at the gym… he got home RIGHT after I sat down on the couch with a full plate and was like “Oooh, dinner!”

    A few moments later he emerged from the kitchen, totally disappointed, asking if I had made any for him. I hadn’t, because my stupid brain thought he was at WORK, not the GYM. I felt soooo horrible… another reason why I decided to make the cookies…

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