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I’ve been going to the gym every other day for about a week and a half now, and today was my third time meeting with my trainer, Georgina. She showed me several new exercises focused on strengthening my back, and she was really impressed with the progress I’ve made so far (even though I’ve gained 3 lbs) — she said my skin tone, my energy level, and my posture were already improving. I trembled less when working on weak muscles (my arms…) too, so I was happy about that. PLUS, you know how she was teasing me about how “geriatric old ladies” walk at the 2.4km setting on the treadmill? Well, I walk at 3.3km now for my warm-up :] She was super proud of me for this. I love having a trainer; she’s my own personal cheerleader.

I really, really recommend going to the gym and getting even ONE session with a personal trainer that’s used to pre-natal workouts to any of you that are pregnant. The tidbits you will pick up about which exercises are safe, which aren’t, what range you should be working in for your body type, and adjusting your workout as your pregnancy progresses are invaluable. Strengthening your back will help you with carrying your baby both in and out of the womb. Strengthening your pelvis and glutes will help you with delivery (and make your ass look great)! And to be honest, as much as I’ve always hated exercising, I’m finding that I do look forward to getting out of the house, heading to the gym, and just focusing on improving myself for an hour.

Remember, mommies need to take care of themselves too :]

Since I took the bus to the gym and got there 39 minutes before my session, I headed to the book store that’s in the same plaza. I picked up a book aimed at Canadian mothers — The Mother of All Baby Books by Ann Douglas (wtf, I would have saved $10 buying off Amazon)! Now, this is a book about baby’s first year of life, but the first several chapters are focused on getting yourself & your home ready BEFORE the baby arrives.

You know my recent “OH MY GOD I AM LOSING MY MIND” post? Well, there’s a chapter all about shopping for baby — and it goes through decorating, garage sales & safety standards, clothing and accessory necessities/frivolities, etc. Super useful. I’m thrilled I picked up the book for this chapter alone. (Also: it suggests not worrying about a crib that will convert to a bed)

And I made my first official “baby present” purchase:

Why? Because it’s super cute, and the thought of Chris saying “LA LA LA!” to our baby made me start crying right in the middle of the book store. Oh yes, gotta love them hormones!


  1. Debateur said,

    What a great idea getting a personal trainer while pregnant. I got one afterwards to help with the baby weight but I agree getting stronger while pregnant would be a really good idea.

  2. SA said,

    Yes, personal training is great, you connect with the collective knowledge on health and fitness…. Take care, Suzanna

  3. Cristin said,

    I worked with a trainer years ago and loved it. I really should try and make time to do it again.

    That is the best book. We have two copies of it.

  4. Holly at Tropic of Mom said,

    You can’t go wrong with those Sandra Boynton books. They’re all keepers!

    Glad to hear the gym is working out (heh!) and your personal trainer is neither too soft on you nor too torturous.

  5. existere said,

    Ah – this is why bookstores are a deadly delight. When it comes to pregnancy books, I am weak at resisting buying them – and then I always look at Amazon to see how much cheaper they would have been. Oh well. Instant gratification rocks!

  6. badmommymoments said,

    That is one of my favorite Sandra Boynton books. The other one I love (and can recite without turning the pages) is, “Barnyard Dance.” Who am I kidding, I know them all. I’m a recovering nerd who only has time to read books to her kids.

    Check out the Maisy books too (Lucy Cousins). I didn’t think too much of them at first, especially since they don’t have many pages and the wording borders on lame, but both of my daughters loved them when they first became interested in books. That was my first lesson on how not to be a snob about kid’s books.

    I still have much to learn…

    PS: Congratulations on your pregnancy. You have so many wonderful things ahead of you!

  7. fyreflixie said,

    @Debateur: Yeah, it’s been great so far :] Thanks for dropping by!

    @SA: I dropped by your site; seems like you have a vested interest in a healthier lifestyle as well!

    @Cristin: I hope you do find time to go back to training. Even though my household is very calm right now, I still find it to be incredibly relaxing to take that time to myself, somewhere outside of my “normal” environment.

    @Holly: I will have to pick up more! I promised myself only ONE book for baby on that trip — but my husband wants to do more shopping this week 😉

    @existere: I really love bookstores too :] I promised myself to go to the library this week coming up though, and of course my midwife’s office has more books in it that I can borrow as well, so maybe I can keep my pregnancy book budget down. It was difficult to pick up only one book for myself though!

    @badmommymoments: Thank you! I am pretty thrilled about the whole pregnancy thing and just getting more excited every day. I was a big reader when I was a kid & am hoping to instill the same in my family, so I will have to learn to keep book snobbery out of my mind as well!

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