Not My Ribs… yet!

September 20, 2008 at 11:59 pm (Baby Stuff) (, )

When we last saw our midwife about a month ago, and she checked the position of my uterus, she said it felt a bit “low” for the gestational period I was at. Chris & I didn’t worry about it much, and neither did she — after all, every woman develops differently. She told me at 20 weeks, she’d expect my uterus to be at my navel.

Usually, I feel the baby moving pretty low in my abdomen. Today though, the baby was really inactive until, oh… ten minutes ago… and now it is all the sudden moving around an inch or so below my belly button. I’ve never felt movement this high before and I am SO PROUD of my little baby for growing!

Just thought I’d share :]


  1. froggylove said,

    Way to go baby!! Oh she will get to the ribs alright. And then you will miss those belly button days!

  2. Cristin said,

    Dottie kicked that crap out of my ribs… I was calling her bad names before she was born…I think she’s better behaved now than when she was in my belly.


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