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I decided to give in and do a blogroll.  If it gets bigger, I might dedicate it to its own page.  I have something like 30 “mommy blogs” on my Google Reader (world’s best internet utility?  maybe!), but these are the ones I find myself most excited to see updated:

Core & Rind: Miss Core comments here pretty frequently, and she’s only a few weeks ahead of me for her due date, so I love heading to her blog and comparing belly sizes as well as keeping up on how the baby, and her body, are developing.

Existere:  Oddly, I just realized this wasn’t actually on my Google Reader (it is now!), yet I visit frequently.  Existere & her wife are embarking on the road to conception via IVF, so a lot of the posts right now are about all the tests and heartache involved in that.  But everything’s looking good, and hopefully we’ll be hearing about their success soon!  She’s wickedly intelligent and eloquent.

Growing a Life:  First, the header graphic here is just adorable.  Second, her What I’d Wear Wednesday feature is so utterly satisfying to view that I just may end up meme’ing it here.  Third, she’s just started a list of pregnant bloggers that I will be watching eagerly to learn about and chat with other moms who can’t hold their babies yet!

Humps and Baby Bump: A fellow GTA’r expecting her first child.  She’s still in her first trimester, and reading her post about hearing her baby’s heartbeat for the first time made me feel all melty and emotional inside — no two pregnancies are alike, but I love that I can identify with a lot of the things she is experiencing.

Not Your Typical Mama:  I linked her on one of my (now abandoned?) Tuesday’s Blog lists, so it makes sense that she shows up again here.  She’s truly NOT “typical” — she is still breastfeeding and co-sleeping with her 18 month old daughter — and the deep connection that their relationship is forging between them is visible in every post.  I really love reading this blog.

Tiptoeing Through the Tulips: Absolutely my fave blog out there right now.  Cristin’s sense of humour is wicked sharp, her kids are adorable, and she has changed my perceptions of “handicapped” with her honest, open writing about her son Graham.  Plus, she tosses up vids and pictures all the time!  A must-read.

Wiser Mom: Over 35, in her first pregnancy (twins!), happy, and healthy.  What really drew me into her blog was her blunt description of the emotional turmoil she went through when she found out that her IVF resulted in four viable embryos.  Reading her blog is like listening to a friend telling a story, and I love that.

When I add more blogs, I’ll recap them here for everyone as well :]  But for now, these are my top seven!


  1. Damselfly said,

    Aw! Thank you for the linky love. I was happy to add you to the list of expecting (expectant? not to be confused with expectorant) bloggers. Congratulations again.

  2. J.C said,

    Thanks for the this list 🙂
    I had wondered where you’d got to! Your blogspot blog disappeared and I was hoping you were doing well so it’s great to see that you are.

  3. Ms. Core said,

    Thanks for the mention! It is so fun to follow along with others in the same situation. I think this blog might interest you as well and they might be about a week different from you in due date. I stumbled upon it randomly but like to check in and see how they are doing since they are just 2 weeks behind me.

    Hmm…what to do about my blogroll. Currently, it is just people I know in real life linked but the truth is I think you read and comment (at least comment no idea who reads it really) more than most of those slackers….so maybe it’s time to change…or make two categories..that would be fancy!

  4. existere said,

    I had to come say thank you for the kind words! I was going to say ‘shout out’ but then thought that would make me seem a leetle bit uncool. At any rate, I now have to explore YOUR blog!

  5. fyreflixie said,

    Cassie — I stopped with the writing blog because I stopped writing and felt just horribly, gut-wrenchingly sick about it. I’ve kept following your blog, but not commented, so to see you here is surprising and awesome :] I’m glad to hear your little girl is doing well!

  6. J.C said,

    Thanks! I’ll be following this blog of yours 🙂 the road to parenthood is pretty amazing and I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes really smoothly!

  7. Cristin said,

    Awww… thanks. I feel bad that I haven’t had time to do much reading lately. I think I might tell Hubby he has the kids all to himself tomorrow so I can lock myself in here and read blogs all day.

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