NomNoms for To-Be Moms

October 17, 2008 at 7:21 am (Baby Stuff, food) (, , , , )

iGourmet’s Expecting Mother Survival Kit

I thought this was really cute 🙂 Sort of an indulgence with the $99.99 price tag, but, definitely an idea to borrow and par down for pregnant friends! Feel free to share anything similar you might have come across!

Also, swing by the Honey section … some of those descriptions are just amazing:

  • The weeping pines of Evia cry sweetly, secreting a sugary sap from which the bees make an amber honey. An insect called “the worker” by the beekeepers, lives symbiotically with the pines and causes them to produce this sap. This honey is spicy and woody with a stimulating pine aroma that complements toast, teas, and sauces.
  • A dark amber honey, Mango Blossom reveals smoke, butter, black cherries and high notes of passion fruit to provide a truly sensual experience.
  • Thick and juicy, Savannah Bee’s Orange Blossom honey is an explosion of citrus on the palate, followed by hints of toffee and almonds. The Crusaders had to fight a series of wars in the Holy Land to bring the orange tree to the West so you could have this experience. All you have to do is wake up some sunny morning, open a bottle of Savannah Bee Orange Blossom honey, slather it on a buttered scone, and say thanks to the Medieval warriors, workaholic bees, and skillful bee-wranglers that make it all possible.

I mean, SERIOUSLY!  How do I get a job writing that kind of stuff?

1 Comment

  1. Cristin said,

    Um… where’s the chocolate? It can’t be an expeciting mom’s survival kit without it if you ask me….

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