Dear God

October 20, 2008 at 9:48 pm (Baby Stuff) (, )

I want a rum & coke.

So badly.

When can I start drinking after the baby’s born?

Love, Tatiana.


  1. J.C said,

    LOL omg, I laughed out loud when I read this. I can TOTALLY empathize with you.
    Hubby has just recently started drinking beer again, after months of touching barely a drop of alcohol. I scowl at him every time he opens a bottle even though I don’t really like beer.
    We have a bottle of overproof Bundaberg Rum sitting on the top of the pantry, along with a nice bottle of red wine we got given at our wedding. Alas, they will have to wait a little while longer!!!

  2. Cristin said,

    Oh, I hear you…. I missed wine SO MUCH when I was pregnant! I’m totally making up for lost time now….

  3. Damselfly said,

    Hahaha! I abstained for a while because I breastfeed, until a neighbor told me that a little bit of alcohol can actually help your milk come down. Bingo!

  4. fyreflixie said,

    When I come home from the hospital with Maia, I want a plate of sushi & a nice, warm shot of sake.

    That’d be so sweet…

  5. Gala said,

    this is jared.

    after ur done breastfeeding then u can.

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