October 27, 2008 at 7:56 am (Baby Stuff, food) (, , )

Now that I am suddenly, blatantly pregnant, I worry about what’s in my cart when I go grocery shopping.  Do people look at those packets of Ramen and think “SHE SHOULD BE EATING BETTER”?  I can’t help that I have an unabashed love for spicy chicken noodles, okay?  I wonder if they see the beautiful leaves of swiss chard covering the two pomegranates, nestled beside the mushrooms and apples.

But really, this all comes in second to what I didn’t buy at the grocery store today: a coffee cake cheese danish.  I don’t know what brilliant mind decided to combine those two desserts, but it was a genius idea.  Chris likes neither coffee cake nor danishes (wtf?) so I could not convince him that this item NEEDED to find its way into our cart, but I got my revenge by refusing to let him pick up the pumpkin pie sitting right beside it.  WE COULD HAVE COMPROMISED AND GOTTEN BOTH, CHRIS!

Today was the first time I noticed the price of groceries having gone up.  When it comes to meat, I only eat poultry and seafood; I’ve been this way for a long while now.  We’re out of chicken, so we were checking it out… and for the generic stuff, it’s $9 for two measly little breasts with tender removed that I might be able to make a meal out of if I mixed it with lots of other stuff.  I mean, seriously.  That’s just stupid.  We bought an entire roasting chicken for $9 that I’ll be cooking up tomorrow, and then I’ll use the remains for soup — that’s reasonable, at least.

Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure that if a pregnant woman were walking around with a coffee cake cheese danish in her hands, people would be really understanding.  And women would stop me to ask where I got that delicious thing!


  1. SuZ said,

    I was the same way when I was pregnant, always glancing around wondering who was peeking at my cart. I even did it when I was pregnant, checking out other peoples carts.

  2. Naomi said,

    Heh – I live in a city where people are kinda impressed if you have ANY fresh fruit or veg in your trolley, and ramen counts as health food to most 😀

    Just a little bit scary, now I think about it…

    I think that at your stage of pregnancy, I would’ve been grabbing a handful of hubby’s shirt and explaining that I wanted it, and it would be best if he wanted it too – capiche? And by the way, sweetie, would you like a pumpkin pie? *evil grin*

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