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October 27, 2008 at 4:36 pm (Baby Stuff, Daily Life, food) (, , , , )

– My belly is so big that it makes my ass look small. And like, I have serious badonkadonk going on — here’s a pre-pregnancy pic:

– My dogs are supposed to be on a diet of 1/3 cup of kibble per day. They have thus far otuwitted me by gnawing a hole in the side of their bag of food, which I put out of their reach at 9am, yet have not been interested in food that I try to give them all day long, which leads me to believe that they have more squirreled away somewhere.

– I really wanted roasted chicken tonight, but since I won’t leave my oven on while I’m not home (blame the whole “house burning down when I was younger” thing) and we’re going to the gym tonight, frozen pizza it is. I’ll put extra spinach on mine.

– I can’t wait for this election to be done and over with. I haven’t watched Wolf Blitzer in weeks and I don’t miss him at all anymore — my addiction to THE SITUATION ROOM has been broken successfully.

– Maia is not moving much today. So I was lying on the couch with Buffy and poking at my belly, when I hit a spot that felt … funny. Like resistant. I think I found her head. Sorry for poking your eyeball, honey.

– I typed this post totally in the nude, cause I just got out of the shower.  Shaving my legs was … fun.  It feels really nice to have a breeze coming in through the window.  Sorry if this makes you feel a little funny, I’m going to get dressed now.

1 Comment

  1. Cristin said,

    Nudie post… hehehehe….

    My hubby used to get mad at me for poking my belly to make the baby move… he thought it was mean….

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