Obama’s TV Address

October 29, 2008 at 10:27 pm (politics) (, )

I missed it on television, but it was fortunately posted almost immediately to youtube:

In case you missed it & are interested :]  I love this man.


  1. Gala said,

    First off, I will be honest and say I didn’t watch the whole thing. I think what Obama’s greatest attraction is the whole idea of “HOPE”. People are feeling like the economy is out of control, costs are out of control, etc. So, when you feel that way, you have so little, but you have HOPE. It looks like he may win, and I guess if you can make people feel more HOPEFUL about their futures it is a good thing. I guess I’m an old skeptic. No matter who has been in the white house, my situation was whatever I made of it. I won’t have help with paying my mortgage because I make sure it is paid on time even if it takes my last penny. I won’t get help paying to heat that home because my husband and I both work and don’t qualify for heating assistance. I still will have to find a way to feed us, even if it means buying cheaper, unhealthier meat because AGAIN, we don’t qualify for food stamps. I don’t want to qualify for all this government aid, but when I go to the grocery store and people in front of me are wearing brand new brand name clothes, driving brand new vehicles, buying all kinds of “extras” that they can now afford because they qualify for state aid to pay for the necessities in life, it pisses me off. And I guarantee you that this will never change. The so-called poor (also known as the ones who know how to abuse the system) will always get hand-outs, and the rest of us will just keep plugging away. Obama will not change this–it has been this way for decades and decades. McCain will not change it either.
    Maybe that is my problem w/Obama–his message of HOPE just pisses me off because I find it meaningless.

  2. fyreflixie said,

    I’d rather vote for Obama peddling hope & change than McCain peddling fear.

  3. Cristin said,

    Love what fyreflixie said…. I’m Obama all the way… I’ll have to watch this whole address when I have more time.

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