A Few Updates

November 1, 2008 at 4:36 am (Baby Stuff, Daily Life) (, , , , , , )

I talked to the professor on the phone yesterday, and he made me feel comfortable and so so silly for even questioning whether or not I should see him. He’s my friend. Of course we should spend some time together. Chris and I talked more and ended up arriving at the conclusion that I’d get up at 4am with him, go to work with him, and then drive home, so I’d have the car to take into Toronto. Chris and I are both really nervous about me driving in the city. I suggested that I park outside of the city, at Yorkdale Mall or something, and then take a subway in — at which he wailed that there are too many crazies on the subway for a pregnant woman to be there alone.

Then I spent all night worrying. When was the last time I drove on a highway or in a city the size of Toronto on a weekend? I know for some of you these concerns are irrelevant, but for me, they’re huge; I haven’t driven on a highway in something like 5 years, and I’ve never driven in a city the size of Toronto, weekend or not. I’m pregnant. Now isn’t when I should be taking new risks, or introducing something stressful into my life. So, I decided against taking the car for the day, and I won’t be seeing the professor while he’s up here. I feel totally shitty for flaking out on a friend, but that’s the way life is. I feel like a wimp too, and at the same time, I know it makes perfect sense to put myself & our baby at the top of my priorities & concerns. Of course, I still have to blog about it as I sit here unable to go back to bed…

As far as the immigration crap goes, well, good news there — my medical extension has been granted, the right fee has been paid, and everything is now entirely out of my hands. All we need is for the office that received the fee to let the other office know so, and then approval should be forthcoming on the same day. 106 days until Maia’s projected arrival date, and since first-time mothers usually deliver late (or so I hear?) I’m feeling fairly comfortable that I’ll have health coverage before she does. Chris says it’s likely because there are no holidays to slow things down in the next few weeks … haha!

The dogs seem to be adjusting to their diet just fine, and Buffy’s already starting to show the benefits of it. She has hips again instead of being a sausage! This is good news.

MJ not only got the ultrasound pic (finally), but also the week 24 baby bump email that *I* sent! It was so sweet to talk to her on the phone and hear her gush about her grandbaby — “Look at her nose! And her lips! And that little space between her nose and lips!” I was like yeah, I know, we made a beautiful baby already, and that’s even with her being all covered with gross body goop right now.

We still dislike our apartment. We don’t have a shelf in our closet, although when I went down to the landlady’s office the other day to pick up a repair request sheet (for that, our missing towel bar, and the squealing that has suddenly started in the pipes whenever you turn hot water on in the shower), she said, “Oh, haha, you don’t need to submit anything about the shelf for your closet, it’s actually sitting in a room downstairs.” Oh, really? “Yeah, it was kind of funny, when the repair guy came in the other day he asked me why that shelf was still sitting there after a month. I just forget, I’m so busy.” GOSH DARN, THAT IS SO CUTE AND FUNNY, I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY.

In other apartment-related news, they’re repaving the parking garage (thanks for the 12 hour notice on that btw) and the work should be finished by mid-December, so a ton of people have to park on the street. Everyone who did, though, was ticketed by the city for it two nights in a row — including Chris. That’s cute, to make people park somewhere that you haven’t even gotten a permit for. Fortunately the management group is covering all tickets and they’ve now gotten permission from the city for people to park on the street, but seriously? What the fuck, couldn’t you have done that beforehand? I’m not the only annoyed resident in the building; on one of the notices about the work posted on the stairwell door right next to the landlady’s unit, a tenant has scrawled, “ARE YOU FUCKIN’ KIDDIN ME? WHO POURS CONCRETE IN DECEMBER?” I wanna give him a Tootsie Pop or something.

Week 25 & I’m feeling okay, although pretty often I poke at my belly and think it’s more fat than baby (which I’m pretty sure is just female neuroses). Oh, and the fact that I have really bad gas like all the time is pretty mortifying. Blaming it on the dogs isn’t working anymore, either. OH LITTLE GIRL OF MINE, your sense of humour is frightening already!


  1. Daniel's Mom said,

    i’m still friends w my ‘passed lives’., and i sometimes see them over coffee or lunch tugging my two-yr-old son along with me, and it was never an issue w my husband.. i always love to talk with old friends, and even x-friends for old times sake., after all they’ve been a part of your life.

    i’m so glad you’ve already spoken w your mom-in-laws., so you see, she’s so excited w the baby, too.

    can you really drive to the big city all by yourself, huge and so pregnant? i think you should really be careful.

  2. Gala said,

    Why can’t the professor come out closer to where you live? Is this visit still a sore issue for Chris? I know you can’t let Chris totally dictate all your comings and goings, but if this still bothers him, and you ignore that, remember that it works both ways.
    Good about the immigration stuff–stay on top of it as far as being a pain in their collective butts by calling/e-mailing regarding whether each office knows what is going on. You know if it gets screwed up, they will blame the other office.

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