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I have people ask me very often if I have cravings. In fact, “When are you due?” and “Are you having any weird cravings?” are probably tied for the questions I hear most often. I usually laugh and say nothing, but I’m lying…

I crave CHILI. All. The. Time. White chicken chili or a more traditional red chili with ground turkey, I don’t care which — I just want chili. It’s so warm, comforting, and filling; it feels like the perfect food to eat. It’s loaded with protein (because I get WAY MORE carbs in any given day than I really need, but I worry about my protein intake). I wanted chili so badly the other day that I made corn muffins using this recipe, to which I added frozen corn kernels, diced pickled jalapenos, and a handful or two of some “nacho cheese blend” that always finds its way into my fridge. Chris doesn’t like corn muffins, so today will be the third and final day I’ll be snacking on them while daydreaming about how good they’d be soaking up some chili. Sometimes I’m grateful that he’s such a picky bastard.

Maia likes chili, too. It seems like she moves around SO MUCH after I have a bowl of it that she must be celebrating!

So why, if I love it so much, have I not made it lately? Well, to be honest, it’s because we don’t have a dining room table yet, and it pisses me off to spend all day making a meal just to have to sit on the couch and eat it. We ordered our dinette, along with a glider for me, back in August and were told they would be here October 12th. That day came with not a word from the furniture store, and when we called, we were told that the glider was in stock but the dinette would not be available until “sometime in November”. Yesterday while out shopping, we dropped by the furniture place to get an update.

It turns out that now, the dinette is available, but my glider isn’t (when the fuck were they going to call us and tell us this?). Not only that, but their supplier for the glider went out of business. After I got all teary-eyed standing there holding my belly as Chris explained to the salesman that this is unacceptable and his pregnant wife has been waiting for far too long for her glider, it turns out that the furniture store will send a delivery guy over to the glider manufacturer’s warehouse and pick one up for us specifically, then deliver it, within the next two weeks. And they’re going to deliver the dinette today. Oh, and we’re not paying for delivery for either, so sorry for upsetting you miss, when are you due, are you having any weird cravings… ?

Maybe they can deliver me some chili too…

PS: Week 26! Belly pic coming soon.



  1. Myg said,

    Oh my god! That chili looks soooooo delicious!!!! My problem is that the lovely heartburn portion of pregnancy has now kicked in, so I’d have to drink like a half gallon of milk with it. And my boys seem to kick everytime I eat – no matter what it is. But they especially like sweet stuff. No doubt a sign of things to come!

    Hope the glider gets there soon. I’ve been living in our old recliner!

  2. Ms. Core said,

    Do you put beef in your chili? If so I think it’s the iron you are craving. The doc keeps telling me I am anemic despite the large chunks of metal I ingest 3Xs a day. Have you had your hemoglobin tested?

  3. Gala said,

    You can milk the “poor pregnant woman” thing the rest of the time–use it to your full advantage! After that, you may be able to get away with the “oh what a beautiful baby” thing (but that always works better for the dad–especially if you’re not with them). Soon enough you will turn into the “what a brat!” mom. Everyone should have a dining room table, but we have that and a kitchen table, and still end up eating on the couch, watching TV…

  4. J.C said,

    I agree with Gala – make the most of the pregnancy while you can, I didn’t, and I had quite a few occasions where I really should have!
    Early in pregnancy I could only stomach macaroni cheese, and ice pops, after I got my appetite back it was oranges. I had to have at least one every single day, more often than not it ended up being anywhere from 3-6 tho! lol

  5. Cara said,

    Interestingly, I made chili for dinner tonight. It cooked in the crock pot all afternoon and was fabulous! When I was pregnant I craved Chili, but it gave me the worst heartburn. I kept ordering it though, I just kept my tums close at hand. Those corn muffins sound delish! I wish I’d thought to make some tonight.

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