Week 26 Discomforts

November 11, 2008 at 7:08 am (Baby Stuff) (, , )

Poor Chris. I’ve been a wreck lately and he is just putting up with it. Dishes and laundry aren’t getting done because I can’t make myself take care of housework. You’d think it’d be the least I can do when the dude works 12 hours a day and I don’t work at all…

I’m starting to experience some discomforts of pregnancy. Yawning (which I’m doing a lot lately) is unsatisfying because the yawns are never “deep” enough. At the end of every day, I have an achy muscle at the top of my belly. Crossing my legs over one another is a questionable proposition and gets uncomfortable really quickly. I’m less mobile — bending over to pick up my dogs isn’t possible, so I have to do this awkward squat thing, and Chris has started helping me when I try to get off our super plush couch. Oh, and I’m fucking hot all the time, but at least that’s easily solved by opening the window.

Maia is moving constantly. It just amazes me. Pregnancy books & newsletters say she’s around 10 inches long right now crown to rump, and to look down at myself and realize there is 10+ inches of baby in there blows my mind. I feel so proud of her, and Chris, and myself; I feel so womanly when I see my baby bump. This time where we’re one person is so fleeting, and as much as I think about the future, I know that when the future gets here, I’ll be reminiscing about now.

Unrelated, I’m interested if anyone has a healthy, relatively easy to find juice to recommend.  I am so tired of seeing sweetened fruit juice with something like 15% of the recommended daily sugar intake in a single glass, or sodium-laden vegetable juice with 25% of the recommended daily sodium intake.  I know I should probably just drink more water, but if I could find a juice instead, that’d be great.


  1. Gala said,

    You will have a really hard time finding low sugar fruit juice that is 100% fruit juice. Almost impossible, tbh. What you can do is buy the 100% juice and mix it with club soda–less sugar and less calories. The best juice for you would be pomegranate, concord grape, blueberry, cherry and cranberry. Eating the fruit is much better for you then drinking the juice.

  2. Ms. Core said,

    I agree with what Gala says, I do the exact same thing and it’s super refreshing.

    Sorry to hear about your discomforts. Mine come and go to some extent and I have stopped sitting on the super soft furniture since it’s too much effort to get up.

    And Chris is going to have to get used to helping out more….don’t feel guilty, it’s his baby in there too.

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