The Dreamscape

November 14, 2008 at 10:38 am (Baby Stuff) (, , )

The first trimester of my pregnancy was filled with vivid dreams that mostly revolved around my father being a total prick and trying to keep me away from Chris and the baby. I have this recurring nightmare every few months where I’m stuck somewhere, alone, and my dad’s coming after me with violence on his mind, and I’m trying desperately to telephone Chris to come save me, only I can’t remember our phone number. I always wake up before resolution is reached.

Well, now as the third trimester approaches, I dream about the next stage of that journey: I’ve escaped my dad, and now I have to make my way to Chris & Maia. I always know where they are, but getting to them isn’t easy. I mean, I’m climbing mountains, I’m trekking across the tundra, and I’m leaping over canyons to reach these two; last night I was in some weird red and purple sand that would randomly shift to reveal deep furrows in the earth that I had to crawl around, because for some reason, even though my legs worked perfectly, I could not stand. Then, when I finally reach them, Maia doesn’t even know who I am; she screams, cries, and wiggles away from me. She never looks the same, either; sometimes she doesn’t even look like a human baby, but I know it’s her, and my heart breaks because after all that tribulation, it’s not even relevant to her that I’m finally there.

I wonder what it all means…



  1. HumpsNBump said,

    Weird.. but it sounds like you’re overcoming whatever challenges you thought would be put in your path!

    Someone recently mentioned her third trimester dreams to me as well. There are some great articles online that may be able to help you analysis them:

  2. J.C said,

    Weird dreams are totally normal during pregnancy, goodness knows I had enough of them! Just try not to let any of them freak you out and they should pass once Maia arrives.
    She will know you. By then she’ll have spent months listening to your voice, moving with your body and being a part of you. It’ll be a beautiful thing 🙂 Have some faith in yourself and your wee babe, it’ll all work out just fine.

  3. Cara said,

    I had some seriously wacky dreams when I was pregnant. Totally par for the course. Just remember that all they are is dreams!

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