Shower Thoughts

November 25, 2008 at 7:42 am (Baby Stuff) (, , , )

Does the water beating down on my belly sound like a drum to Maia?

Also, I love my Dove waterlily-mint body wash. And it makes my skin all tingly, which is interesting.

I feel far more confident, comfortable, and attractive when I’m nude than I do while wearing clothing.

Except for when I have to step out of the bathtub, which is a proposition entirely lacking in grace.

And why do I have an intense craving for oatmeal cookies as soon as I sit down to type this post?



  1. Gala said,

    Good question about the drumming…
    Do you know how many women would kill to be able to say they love themselves better nude??? Good for you!
    MOM ALERT: Hope you have a mat or something in that tub to prevent slips!!

  2. Ms. Core said,

    I have often wondered that exact same thing..guess we will never really know. I hope you are feeling better today!!

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