Maybe a Little Over-Sensitive…

November 28, 2008 at 9:18 am (Baby Stuff, Daily Life) (, , )

A sister of a childhood friend is pregnant. She (the sister) actually found me on Facebook, and while we weren’t ever close, we got along just fine. I’ve been keeping up on her little updates and commenting on her pictures (she just found out she’s having a girl, posted the ultrasound pic and a pic of her little baby belly), cheering her on and whatnot.

But the point of this post is that she hasn’t said a single thing to me about my pregnancy. I’m so insulted by this. She hasn’t commented on the fact that we’re both having girls, or asked how I’m doing, or said anything about my ultrasound or belly pics; in fact, she hasn’t communicated with me at all in the past month. I know she’s probably busy and excited, and I shouldn’t be insulted, but it just seems to me like if a pregnant “Facebook friend” is taking two minutes to post on your ultrasound picture to compliment you on how wonderful your incoming baby girl looks, the very very least you can do is reply in kind.

I guess mutual support is what the blogosphere is for. I love you gals :]


  1. HumpsNBump said,

    That seems pretty weird. On one hand it is so easy to have lots of friends on Facebook that you may not be entirely close with – God knows I have a ton – but I agree that you both have a connection and something to talk about. You’re both expecting. You’re both having girls!

    My only thought is that maybe she’s not one to comment, but I still think that she could have, at the very least, congratulated you.

    Don’t worry hun all of your blog friends are VERY excited for you. Especially Mama and Baby Humps. For every one person that seems disinterested, there are hundreds that are.


  2. Myg said,

    I’d be really pissed at that too! I have an acquaintance on FB that’s pregnant and a month ahead of me but we do exchange pregnancy tales so it’s fairly mutual. I know it’s easy to get a little self-absorbed when you’re pregnant but come on! That’s really insensitive.

    And I am fairly amazed at how much support I’ve gotten from people (like you!) I’ve never met just from blogging. It really does make you feel like you’ve got a bunch of people out there rooting for you, and that just rocks.

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