Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel

November 28, 2008 at 12:41 pm (Daily Life) ()

Definitely starting to hit me. This is horrible because I spend a LOT of time at my computer on any given day 😦 Any suggestions (other than, you know, ‘get the fuck off the computer’ ?)



  1. J.C said,

    Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel sucks. I got it bad as well – what they say is true though! It’ll clear up once baby is born, though it might take a week or so to fully disappear.
    As it progresses you might find that computer stuff is actually easier to do that other things like using a tin opener, opening bottles etc. Fingers crossed it just doesn’t get too bad tho! You can get wrist brace things for it but I was told that they work as often as they don’t so can be a waste of money… sorry. I’m not very helpful I know! lol Good luck with it though, and just remember it’ll go away.

  2. Ms. Core said,

    Oh no! Not you too!

    Again J.C. is right not much helps besides not using your wrists. For me though the computer is the absolute worst. The doctor told me to sleep with my wrists elevated to drain out the fluid….seriously tho, how would you do that?

    If things get really bad I find a day away from the computer is the only thing that will truly help (check e-mail quickly then get out of the house or this is impossible).

    And ice and tylenol if they are achey and you can’t sleep b/c of it. Wrist braces didn’t do a damn thing for me but move the pain to my thumb.

  3. HumpsNBump said,

    Eeek. I had no idea that there was such thing as Pregnancy Carpal Tunnel. Must go to Google right away. 😉

    ~ humps

  4. Cara said,

    I started to have wrist problems and decided to switch to an trackball mouse that doesn’t require you to move your wrist. It takes a little getting used to, but I love it and my wrist doesn’t hurt anymore.

  5. Myg said,

    Ugh! I have that too. I wake up with my left hand almost clenched and sore. I use wrist braces and they do help, so I’d try it.

  6. Cristin said,

    I had it bad with the last pregnancy too. No tricks to offer you… I had to give up on the computer…

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