My Latest Food Obsession

November 29, 2008 at 8:48 am (food) (, )

PB&A Sandwich, image copyright to Moxie @ flickr

PB&A Sandwich, image copyright to Moxie @ flickr

Thanks to a random comment on MSN from my mom, I’ve been eating peanut butter & apple sandwiches every day for the last three.  Like, I even want to go grocery shopping just to pick up more apples to squeeze into a sammich.

Chris thinks this is repulsive — the combination of apple and peanut butter is apparently completely foreign to his Canadian upbringing, and he simply cannot accept this as a valid food item.  Peanut butter belongs with jam, and apples are an entirely different entity.  I discovered this years ago when I sliced up some apples for us to snack on and served them with a side of peanut butter.  I consider his distaste to be just short of heathenism, to be honest.

So of course, I like to make my sandwich, sit beside him on the couch, and chow down, making sure to mention how wonderful and tasty the combination is.  I’m looking forward to making them for Maia for lunches (I will also introduce her to such tasty things as: kielbasa, sour cream, and pomegranates, none of which her father likes) and then we can taunt him for only ever eating jam with his peanut butter.

Oh yes, I have many devious plans … !

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  1. existere said,

    This is tempting. I forgot about peanut butter and apples. MMMM.

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