Doing Research

December 15, 2008 at 10:43 am (Baby Stuff) (, , , )

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting around utterly bored (aka “procrastinating cleaning”), and decided to do a little research into this whole “homebirth” thing.  Maybe I’m so against doing it because I haven’t read enough about it, right?  So, following a group of links from the wonderful A Mamma in the Making, I ended up on the MotheringDotCommunity forums where they have just a ton of topics about the homebirth experience.  And I started to feel a little better about things in general, except for the fact that I’d be doing it in this particular apartment (we love this place so much that we call it “the apartment of rot” … yes, really…), until I decided “Alright, time to watch some videos.”

IF I HAD WATCHED VIDEOS OF GIVING BIRTH 31 WEEKS AGO, I WOULD NEVER HAVE GOTTEN PREGNANT.  Holy moly.  How scary is that shit?  Of course, at the end of every video I start crying when the baby finally slips out and the mother looks so relieved and happy, because all my hormones were like awwwwwhh! I then did the most logical thing I could think of: I called Chris.

“Hi honey,” he said.

“Hi,” I answered, “I’m just calling to let you know we’re never having sex again.”



  1. Maria said,

    I cry at all kinds of birthing shows. Ridiculous. I totally weep.

    I think if you can do a birthing center that would be the best. Not too intervened-upon, but not too scary for your first time and if you need meds they’re available.

    The best thing is that no matter what you CAN do it. The baby has to come out eventually!

    I can’t wait to see her. 🙂

  2. Gala said,

    26 years ago, when I went to my very first lamaze class they showed a video of a woman giving birth at the end of the class. I sat in complete silence all the way home, wondering how the HELL WAS I GOING TO DO THAT?? But, once you are in labor, the fear is gone–you may get a little pissed at Chris, but mostly your frame of mind is all business–lets get the show on the road!!

  3. Paula said,

    Here! Here! I’ve got your answer for you. You want to see crazy shit, check this out:

    In case there wasn’t already enough pressure on women to be more sexual, now we have to be that way while giving birth!!!!

  4. Cara said,

    We watched a whole mess of videos in my birthing class. They were all in like Sweden or something, with porn music playing over any talking. Uber bizarro. Not in any way comforting. But it is absolutely true that when it happens, you don’t think about the fear or the embarrassment. I have one friend that did a homebirth and it went really well. It CAN be done.

  5. Tatiana said,

    I’m actually really afraid of like… pooping when I’m trying to push the baby out.

    Seriously. Chris would never get over it.

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