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Over the past few nights, I’ve been experiencing some type of bone-deep pain in my left hip/thigh.  This doesn’t really happen when I’m just sitting around the house, and in fact I can go all day without feeling it, but the second I lie down in bed… ughh.  Doesn’t matter which side I lie on, the moment I need to move my left leg (to roll over or just to adjust my positioning) there’s this shooting pain from my hip down through my thigh.  Last night I had some sort of aching pain in my lower back that didn’t HURT so much as it made me feel incredibly sick to my stomach.  I think this is sciatica, and since we’re heading to the midwife tomorrow I’ll be sure to ask.

Also, and I’m sure you are all so thrilled to come here & read about this, there’s something wrong with my butt.  Like maybe hemorrhoids.  I don’t want to look them up on Google, because I’m positive there will be all sorts of hideous pictures of people with anal issues so severe that I’ll be permanently scarred (like that time I was drunk and looked up ‘wound’ on Google images… THAT WAS SMART).  But yeah, there’s some bump, it hurts, it’s fucking uncomfortable, and I’m pretty pissed off at whatever it is.  Now I need to figure out how to fix it.  And then ask my midwife, in front of my husband, how to make it better.

Last night I decided to take a bath, and the second I settled down into the water Maia started kicking around all delightedly, just like when I took one last week.  This makes me pretty happy… until I get out of the bath and settle down onto the couch with the dogs and she starts kicking my cervix.  CHILD, YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN THAT POSITION.  Now, why this pisses me off so badly is because just recently I was ranting to both my mother and Chris about how annoyed I am at the entire concept of having to try and ‘brute force’ my baby into the right position.  I mean, for 31 weeks now, Maia and I have been doing everything right; we’ve had no problems whatsoever.  It’s natural for a baby to swing around into the ‘proper’ birth position; less than 5% of babies are in the breech position at term.  I have total faith that she’ll move, and I think that trying to push her around with something horrible like putting a bag of COLD PEAS on her noggin is pretty brutal.  And I’ll be real with you, for the past week or so I hadn’t felt her moving around down low at all, so when she decided to prance on my cervix yesterday I just about started crying.

Oh, and to top it all off, I made coffee with breakfast for Chris & I yesterday… then got so fucking nauseated at the smell of the coffee as I poured his mug that I couldn’t even eat the eggs & toast I’d made.  Seriously?  I thought I got over the nausea thing at like 16 weeks.  I’ve been regularly enjoying cups of coffee for the past few months, which is great since I was a total addict before I got pregnant.  Am I done with coffee now?  Is our relationship on hold until February? …….. wouldn’t that be a really great excuse to keep hot chocolate in the house?

So, that’s the pregnancy news for the past little while.  I know it all sounds negative, but I’m still pretty happy with being pregnant even though I’m definitely counting down the days until she’s here.  I’m heading to the library today to grab a bunch of books on the entire ‘giving birth’ thing.



  1. Gala said,

    Wow honey, the joys of pregnancy:)
    I didn’t look up sciatica, but I do know it is normal for the baby to pinch/lay on a nerve. The problem will go away in February. As for your butt, yes, it sounds like hemorrhoids. Heres where eating correctly comes into play. Get youself some prunes, drink plenty of water…
    Enjoy your baths, just don’t make them too hot. Don’t worry about Maia’s position–it really doesn’t matter how she comes into the world. Maybe the nausea is stress related and not baby related. Have a cup of hot chocolate, snuggle on the couch w/the furry babies and take a nap. All will be right with the world.

  2. Ms.Core said,

    Nausea is most definitely related to stress. I have experienced some all throughout pregnancy and noticed it is worse when I am feeling stressed out. Also, not to make you worry but it seems to be a bit worse now in the last month and other people have told me that morning sickness rears it’s ugly head at the end again (albeit to a lesser degree than the first trimester). In fact nausea, vomiting and diarrhea can be a sign labor is about to start (not that is what I think you have now, don’t worry, just FYI)…

    Hip pain while sleeping..yes have had that too. Get yourself wedged on both sides so that your hips don’t have to be flexed and support your weight. I was worried my was sciatica too but turns out it was just cramped tight muscles and the appropriate sleeping position has helped a lot although it’s definitely not gone….And yes talk to your midwife, it could be sciatica since that is very common. Unfortunately they can’t do much for it during pregnancy.

    About the other butt problem…listen to your mama’s advice. Also sit on an exercise ball if you have one. It feels good on those things and also feels good during the last month when your pelvis/hips start to feel like it is getting ripped open…and yes you have that to look forward to too….

    Hang in there…you are doing great and it will all be worth it when you meet Maia!

  3. Tatiana said,

    I’m really not that stressed though, it was just a sudden, sweeping bout of nausea when I smelled that coffee. Like it’d been a great morning, Chris’ first off for the week, I was making us breakfast because I was in an excellent mood, etc…

    Re: an exercise ball, I have one, but the pump for it is crap. I think I’m going to take it up to the gym and see if they will fill it for me :] I heard that a lot of women in labour find an exercise ball to be comforting, so… definitely something I need.

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