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December 16, 2008 at 5:11 pm (Daily Life) (, , , )

I am now, finally, a legal permanent resident in Canada.

Tomorrow we get me a social insurance number (like the US SSN) and an OHIP number (which will take 3 months to kick in).

Semi-related, I talked to Chris more about the homebirth thing and it turns out that he is very very much in favour of a hospital birth.  This is funny, since I have started to lean away from the hospital.  But his reasoning is pretty sound: he doesn’t want to look at our bathroom/bedroom/whateveroom I give birth in and be like “omg my suffering wife dripped birth juices all over the place in here and it was as gruesome” for the remainder of our stay here.  My response was “First off, I totally agree, but on the other hand you’d be able to say ‘THE COOLEST THING IN MY ENTIRE LIFE took place in that room.”

Tomorrow I call the hospital to get an appointment for a  ‘maternity registration clinic’ and a maternity ward tour.  When we attend the tour, I’ll have an OHIP number and all the paperwork on hand, as well as a date for when my insurance will actually be active, and we’ll see if we can work anything out with them.  From a lot of my reading, people who work in hospitals tend to be pretty anti-homebirth anyhow, so hopefully that’ll hold true.

But in the future, for another baby, I’m pretty positive that if I remain low-risk and if we have a house… I will do a homebirth.  I really can’t see myself doing it in this apartment building if there is any other option (I don’t think there are any such thing as birth centres in Ontario since midwifery is legislated here and they have hospital privs).



  1. Ms.Core said,

    Whoooohoooooooooo! Sorry it took so long but it must be a bit of a relief anyway.

  2. J.C said,

    congrats! that’s so great that it’s finally come through 🙂
    I’m with you on the home birth second time around. Was nervous first time cause my Mum had to have emergency c section with me, but now I know I can do it!

  3. Naomi said,

    Phew! Good to hear THAT’s been sorted!

    PS. Not sure about the medical system in Canada, but over here in Aus we have midwives in hospitals, plus birth centres (often attached/in hospitals).

  4. Michelle said,

    First of all, congrats!!!
    Second, wait until you see your hospital… if you want to email me, I can let you know what I know about it. Most maternity wards are pretty different from the rest of the hospital. I know several that have all the comforts of the birthing centres (cozy environment, jacuzzi,etc…), plus there are facilities right there if you need them. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.
    Of course, it’s not going to be like a home birth, but it’s certainly better than what maternity wards used to look like.
    (Oh, and thanks for the link… I’m listening to it right now!)

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