Birth Plan

December 18, 2008 at 7:23 am (Baby Stuff) (, , )

Started writing one out yesterday when I got home from my midwife appointment.  If I’m in a hospital to give birth, here’s what it looks like so far (along with notes for myself in parentheses):

– do not want to be hooked up to an IV at any point; would like to be able to walk around
– having a birth ball and tub available for pain relief would be nice; do not intend to give birth in water
– fridge/freezer available for cold drinks (gatorade?) and popsicles if possible (heard something about frozen fruit pops being good?)
– do not want to be given pitocin nor experience artificial rupturing of membranes; would rather let labour proceed as it will, but will do my best to consider the suggestion of others who have more wisdom & experience than I do
– prefer no epidural, but am flexible on this
– non-supine position preferred for delivery

And then notes for a homebirth:

cover clocks
turn off the phone (but keep it near Chris in case Mommy calls)
get a padded toilet seat

One note that they both share:


God, I’m such a bitch.


  1. Gala said,

    Plans are a good thing to have. Make sure you discuss the things you want/don’t want way ahead of time with your midwife, don’t wait until you are in labor!
    Now, not to burst your bubble too much–and things may have changed since I gave birth–an IV is almost always done, simple to provide you with fluids (I believe sugar water basically) because you will need the energy. Also, it makes it easier for them to give you a shot of demeral (helps w/labor, and may prevent you from wanting an epideral). If your membranes just “leak” (as mine did) instead of fully rupture, you may not go into labor for a long time. This is not the best thing for the baby as now germs and things can get in were the leak is. Therefore, this may call for pitocin, to get you going. Also, if they help you brake the membrane fully, it will move labor along. Believe me, you don’t want to make labor last any longer then you have to.
    Sorry to be so long winded.

  2. Tatiana said,

    It’s okay mommy, I’m flexible, if I have you & my midwife or you & a pre-natal nurse telling me “Hey, this pitocin/rupturing/whatever is actually a pretty good idea” then I’ll (hopefully) be like “okay, cool, let’s do it”. End of the day, I want to have a happy, healthy little baby in my arms, not one that’s distressed from an unnecessarily long & complicated labour :]

  3. humpsNbump said,

    This is great! I have decided to copy one important line and build that into my birthplan – “WHAT I SAY IS LAW AND I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO REPEAT MYSELF!”.

    End of plan. Done.

    You’re an inspiring woman. 🙂
    ~ humps

  4. Damselfly said,

    I hope everyone respects your wishes! I had my son at a hospital, and no one there really paid attention to the plan. At least I had a doula with me who fought for what I wanted as much as possible.

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