No Place Like Home for the Holidays

December 28, 2008 at 7:51 am (Daily Life)

While Chris’ schedule — one week on, one week off — is awesome in that it gives us tons of time together, plenty of opportunities for vacations, and will mean he gets to see lots of his little girl, it’s terrible in that it is completely inflexible.  When he is scheduled to work, he is scheduled to work, period.  In emergency situations, or in the case of his upcoming paternity leave, a substitute can be found — but it’s not like he can request his birthday off or whatnot.  Or mine, which is coming up on January 5th.

This year, he worked on Christmas.  Because there are an even number of weeks in a year, next year he will also be working Christmas.  Now admittedly, on Christmas he just had to go in for 20 minutes to leave his phone number on the desk and make sure that the one driver he had on the road was alright, so I’m not worried about that — it’s the fact that he’s working that week, and that means we can’t plan to be with my family for the holidays.  I haven’t celebrated Christmas with my family for five years, and I fucking miss it.

So I pulled out the 2009 calendar and started marking every other week “W” for work, to see his schedule.  He works Christmas, as anticipated; he also works both Canadian and American Thanksgiving.  What the fuck?  I know there are plenty of other weeks during the year that we can go see my family, and we were talking just yesterday about how we plan to squeeze in two visits to see them in Connecticut a year, but it’s still really frustrating to know we won’t get to see them for the holidays.

I guess when Maia is more cognizant of things, we will have to get webcams and Skype set up so she can see and chat with my side of the family anytime they want!

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  1. Gala said,

    We miss you guys so much too, but what makes me happy is the fact that you are happy, healthy, and living life. Sometimes that is little consolation, when I am really feeling lonely for you, but it helps. You better get the web stuff set up, because I will be constantly asking you all the amazing things Maia is doing, and it will make it much easier! btw–be glad your husband isn’t in the military.

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