Week 33 Midwife Appt

December 30, 2008 at 3:33 pm (Baby Stuff) (, , , )

Maia remains, thankfully, head-down, although she likes to swing from side to side whenever she feels like it.  It is always a surprise to feel little kicky hands and feet on the right side of my abdomen when the day before she was on the left!  She gets hiccups all the time too, including nearly every night when I go to sleep; yesterday her hiccups were so strong that it felt like I was doing Kegels or something, even though I wasn’t.

I’m measuring 33.5cm at 33 weeks and 1 day, which puts me just about the 50th percentile — pretty much the same place I’ve been all along, except for a growth spurt somewhere around week 29, I think.  Georgia says the baby feels like she is a “good, normal” size, “definitely not large”, which makes me quite happy to hear.  We talked a bit about breastfeeding and labour, since those are the things that’re most on my mind lately, and Georgia kept saying, “It’s alright, you can do it.”  Do women doubt themselves a lot?  Maybe I am cocky, but I don’t have any fear of being unable to do either of those things; I just want to make sure I’m as prepared as I can be.  I still haven’t convinced myself to go take pre-natal classes — I’ll admit that the two main reasons are money and Chris’ schedule; I can’t justify dragging him out of the house to help me “learn to breathe” for a few hours after he’s worked a 12 hour day, when I don’t really feel like breathing patterns would be helpful to me.  I mean, obviously, I don’t know anything about all this, but I think that I can be strong enough to get through labour and focused enough to keep myself sane without learning how to breathe.

Hopefully I am do not end up smacking myself for making that decision!

I’m feeling pretty great, honestly.  I mean, getting to sleep isn’t always the most comfortable thing in the world, and my sciatica-type hip/thigh cramps have returned after subsiding last week, so it’s pretty painful to try and turn over in the middle of the night.  Still, even though I wake up every 2-3 hours to go pee, I feel like the sleep I’m getting is really good.  I always wake up feeling refreshed and like I got enough rest.

New this week, though, is a pelvic soreness/achiness.  When I’ve been sitting for awhile and then stand up, I have to lift myself up evenly (not lean my weight to one or the other) and very slowly or else my entire pelvic area just aches and aches for the first few steps I take.  I imagine this is something that will get worse before it gets better.

Also, anytime I have to get up from a reclining position, I feel like a turtle that’s been left on its back 😦

Still, I’m happy, she’s wiggly, and best of all, Chris is getting more and more affectionate.  I feel like he’s really, really ready for this whole pregnancy thing to be over so he can meet, hold, and kiss his little girl, which pretty much makes me melt!


  1. Ms. Core said,

    Sounds like you are keeping a great attitude. And truly while it’s not so fun at the end it is not that awful either. I think having confidence in your body is a wonderful thing and really the only reason you need to take a birthing class if you are someone who reads about these things…well I guess it will help you meet other parents to be too.

    Two things, soon on your back you will feel more like a beached whale that a turtle! 🙂 HA!

    And for me the pelvis soreness has subsided about a week ago so it was really only about a month I felt like my pelvis was being torn apart. Hang in there! Your due date will be just around the corner sooner than you know.

  2. cristin said,

    Hubby and I dropped out of prenatal classes… the guided imagery and breathing techniques annoyed me… and there is no way anyone could have prepared us for Graham’s birth anyway…

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