Girl Talk

January 8, 2009 at 2:10 pm (Daily Life) (, , )

I have to admit, when a friend of mine recommended that I get ahold of the Girl Talk album, “Feed the Animals“, I thought he was completely insane.  I mean, Girl Talk?  WTF?  That sounds suspiciously like a Pussycat Dolls-esque girl group.  Okay, yes, certain PCD songs may be my dirty little secret, but an entire album?

How wrong I was.  Now I understand why this has been listed as one of the greatest albums of 2008.  It’s not even remotely a girl group album.  You know every song that has a catchy beat or chorus or whatnot?  Well, they’re ALL on this album.  If you threw this album on at most any party, you’d have a very happy group of people there.  It’s just a ton of samples layered over one another and it’s absolutely amazing.  Like, let’s be real here — anything that layers Jay-Z’s “Roc Boys” over Radiohead’s “Paranoid Android” is pretty amazing in and of itself.

It was released under the Creative Commons license and is therefore FREE to download — it was released where people could “donate” if they wanted to, but it wasn’t required to download the entire album.

Click here to go to the download site.  You can enter $0.00 as the price you are willing to pay, or donate to the creator; it’s your choice.  But whatever you do, do it… and just enjoy some fun, bouncy music.  This is the kind of shit that I could turn up really loudly and clean my house to!



  1. J.C said,

    Oh free music that’s great for cleaning to? Sounds good! I bet my four year old will love it too – and it’s bound to annoy the hubby /snigger

  2. Tatiana said,

    It’s not necessarily “clean” lyrically, so just tossin that out there :]

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