So I Hear Obama’s Black

January 20, 2009 at 7:46 am (politics) (, , )

I also hear he is going to fix everything in the entire world that is wrong.

I didn’t vote for the dude because he’s black.  In fact, for nearly the entire campaign, no one wanted to breathe about his skin colour.  Was it important to everyone?  I don’t know.  I don’t think it was to those of us who love him for his policies and the optimistic attitude that he embodies — okay, or, at least I didn’t think about his skin colour.

I thought about how his policies would impact my life & my family’s.  I thought about what I wanted American citizenship to represent to — AND ABOUT — my daughter.

Now, I can understand how blacks (I hate the term “African-American” — unless you were born in another country, we’re all just Americans) see something more messianic and representative about the triumph of civil rights in Obama’s inauguration.  I don’t.

Civil rights are not just one skin colour versus another.  The nation is writing discrimination against people based on their sexual preference into law; that is just an immense (and disgusting, and unacceptable) gap in the ‘civil rights’ movement.  Discrimination doesn’t start and end with black and white.

Now, yes, I do have faith in Obama to have a successful, inspiring, and vibrant presidency.  But I think a huge part of that happening lies on the shoulders of those who voted him into office.  Part of his platform was based on service to your fellow man.  If his success inspires more people to get involved in their communities through volunteer work or even just being more active in their local political scene, then he’s accomplished a great deal.  I hate that so many of his supporters just want him to fix everything.  He can’t.  He is a single man, the face of an entire political system, and his word is not the law.  If he thought it was, we wouldn’t have voted for him.

The media coverage of all this is sickening.  I had to turn off the television the other day when CNN was covering Obama’s train ride from Philly (?) to DC.  The newscasters have no bloody idea how to report relevant information.  In between waxing rhapsodic about how Obama appeared at the back of the train to wave to people, Anderson Cooper managed to squeeze out a casual statement about a unilateral ceasefire being reached in Gaza.  A moment later they were right back onto the entire BUT OBAMA IS ON A TRAIN JUST LIKE LINCOLN RODE ON A TRAIN!! topic.

A unilateral ceasefire?  A step towards peace, maybe, or at least more humane treatment of the Palestinian people?  Well shit, that doesn’t hold a candle to Obama on a train!

Gahhh… too bad I have no interest in actually participating in television media.


  1. Damselfly said,

    One of my pet peeves about the media is they all jump on a bandwagon and stay there. So many important stories get no attention because of the bandwagon.

    What I find interesting about Obama’s race — his mixed-race heritage, in particular — is something I haven’t heard anyone else talk about: He may look/be black, but he was raised mainly by his white mother and grandmother.

  2. Gala said,

    As Damselfly said, I too wonder why it is rarely mentioned that he is half white? All you hear is “first African-American”. He doesn’t mention his race often, and I do like that about him, but everyone else??? My God, you would think no other African-American had ever accomplished anything before him, which in itself would piss me off if I were black.
    I wish the man well, and hope he can do SOMETHING to change the economy because life is getting a little hard around here.

    On a side note: How about hour buddy Bush, buying himself a 3 million dollar estate, when he has God knows how much property already? HIS fellow countrymen are losing houses left and right, and he gives as all the UP YOURS as he leaves office.

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