36 Weeks 3 Days

January 21, 2009 at 7:28 am (Baby Stuff) (, , , , )

Let’s see… what’s new in my pregnancy world?

Well, everyone is telling me “YOU COULD POP ANY DAY NOW!” anytime they find out my due date.  Apparently, upon starting week 37, you are in imminent danger of dropping a baby out of your vag at any given moment.  I still feel totally unprepared — my house needs cleaning (as ever), I haven’t packed a hospital bag (just in case), and the baby’s laundry needs to be done (if Chris ever remembers to buy non-scented, sensitive skin detergent).

I still haven’t had a baby shower.  It’s in the hands of my brother-in-law’s girlfriend, a friend of mine, and the only day that is good for her is a day that Chris is working.  So we might just postpone it until after Maia arrives, which would be nifty because one or possibly both grandmas could be around for it as well as Chris.  We’re calling it more of a “celebration of a new life” party than a “baby shower” — and it’s going to be attended by both men and women.  I am alright with this, although I have to admit I envisioned a bunch of women sitting around a table being womanly, surrounded with pink and flowers, eating finger foods and spoiling me, rather than the family spoiling the baby.  But I also definitely understand NOT excluding the men and letting everyone meet her.  I guess we’ll see.  I feel like I’m going to be overwhelmed enough with, you know, HAVING A CHILD that it might be really stressful for me… but it might also be amazing.  I’m staying open-minded!

I’m getting a lot of lower back pain when I stand or walk around for more than a brief period of time.  And by “lower back” I mean “tailbone and top of my butt”.  Yesterday while trying to do laundry, this was especially noticeable.  It’s sort of this burning, stabbing sensation and when I finally sit down it hurts like hell for 5 seconds, then fades into discomfort before disappearing entirely.

I am also, suddenly and acutely, aware of everytime my girl moves her head.  It feels like something is brushing my cervix, and like I’m carrying a large rubber ball in my pelvis.  I hate to put any pressure on that part of my body so I’m wearing my pants like some ghetto youth or hoochie mama, buttcrack stickin out and all.  I also feel like if I ever bend at my waist (which isn’t comfortable anyhow) or lean against the counter (you know, to try and grab something out of the cupboard) I might as well just punch my daughter in the head, which makes me totally unhappy.

Also, I’m still sleeping on the couch.  I miss sleeping with my husband, though I do like when he wakes me up in the mornings before he goes to work and helps me into bed.  It’s actually kind of funny since he’s ass naked and the first thing I see when I open my eyes is penis and pubes.  Not that he’s like shoving them in my face, my gaze is just drawn to them.  Interestingly, I have not had sexy dreams when I go back to bed, nor dreams about elephant trunks or sausages or any other vaguely phallic or dangly things, so clearly I am immune to his charms.


  1. Gala said,

    I would so love to give you a women only baby shower, before the baby! Like you said, it is nice to be the center of attention, once in awhile, and how often does that happen?? Maybe next time?? 🙂

  2. cristin said,

    I remember those last couple weeks, in both of my pregnancies, feeling like I was walking around with a bocce ball between my legs….

    Hubby and I barely slept together when I was pregnant….

  3. existere said,

    I’m so demonic, but I laughed at the idea of you punching her in the head. I know, I’m gross. Reading this post also adds to my current obsession of trying to figure out when I should start my leave from work.

  4. Crazy Momma said,

    I am dieing. This post was so extremely funny in so many ways…espeically the penis a pubes. Just hysterical!

    🙂 Good luck to you. Soon enough you will feel awful in a new kind of way…

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