The Hermit Speaks

January 30, 2009 at 10:37 pm (Daily Life) (, )

For the past little while, ever since that night when Buffy barked & made the lady across the hallway bang on her window at me, I’ve been putting the dogs on their leashes and taking them to the side of the building (which means an extra flight of stairs, but whatever — I’m pregnant, not broken) rather than out back.  But tonight, since I’ve been having cramping off and on, I did not put them on their leash and I just let them out back.  As usual, Buffy barked twice as she bounced out into the snow (sigh) and peed near the lady’s patio.  Then she started barking more, the way she does when she sees someone, and I was like oh shit, the bitch is probably standing in her doorway looking at the dogs, but Buffy ran over to me so I picked her up to bring her inside.  Then Joss, interested in whatever had made his sister bark, ran over… and started to bark…

So bitch opens up her door to yell at me: “Keep those dogs from pissing on my patio.”

Okay, you know, I understand.  In fact, I am immensely annoyed that they seem to like peeing near her patio (although I assume they do so because less snow accumulates there).  “I’m sorry, I do try,” I answer.

“Put them on a fucking leash!” she screeches and slams her door.  WTF?

Clearly, I’m in the wrong.  I know this.  I was kind of hoping that, you know, since it’s the first time in a week (and they go out three/four times a day) that I’ve taken them out back, I wouldn’t have to deal with any drama.  I was hoping that I’d just let them out, they’d pee, poo if they needed to, I’d clean up after them and we’d come back inside.  Now I’m all insulted and edgy and annoyed.  I know they should be on their leashes.  I also know it takes me longer to get their harnesses and leashes on than the amount of time they actually spend out in the cold, and it’s not exactly the safest thing in the world to be stomping up and down two flights of stairs while 9 months pregnant with two dogs on leashes running around me.  So that’s why I made the decision I did.  I do accept that it’s my problem, these are my dogs, and I don’t really have the ‘right’ to inconvenience or annoy someone with my pets (nor do I want to).  I will continue putting them on leashes and taking them over to the side of the building.

I was just really, really hoping to get away with it tonight.  Ah well.


  1. Gala said,

    What a bitch. Is she young/old? Are the dogs peeing on her patio, or just near her patio? I would have Chris pee in a bucket, then take it outside and dump it on the snow as close to her patio as possible. Find someone w/a huge dog, get some poo and put that near the pee. That will teach the freak. That being said, just take the time to put the leashes on the brats. AND make Chris do it when he is home.

  2. Tatiana said,

    She’s old. Joss likes to pee on things, so he tends to pee on the little lights around the perimeter of her patio when he wanders over that way. Buffy pees near her patio.

    There’s no way Chris will put them on their harnesses & leashes before he goes to work in the morning. He says it takes too much time and he just won’t take them out if he has to do that.

    I don’t mind putting them on leashes, although the majority of dogs in this building are NOT leashed while outside.

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