Week 37 Midwife Appt

January 30, 2009 at 11:00 am (Baby Stuff) (, , , , )

I subscribe to the GraphJam RSS feed, and yesterday this little Venn diagram popped up.  It made me smile, so I thought I’d share:

Haha!  I’m sure we’ve all felt this way one time or another… I’m particularly fond of “to never take off my pajamas”.

Yesterday I had my week 37 midwife appointment — technically, 37 weeks and 4 days.  I can’t believe how soon our Maia will be here.  I can literally count the time until my due date on my fingers and toes (even if you give me crap about how thumbs aren’t fingers!)  And seriously, January’s almost over already.  When the fuck did that happen?

Anyhow, Maia’s head is very low in my pelvis, which is great, although it’s still “slightly” free which means it’s not as low as it will get.  She’s in the right position for birth at the moment as well, and we got a good laugh out of my midwife doing a little “demonstration” of how twisty a baby is when she comes out of the vagina (the midwife did this like… snake neck thing with her shoulders really low, then kind of twisted around to be face-up with big bright eyes and was like “AND THEN SHE SAYS HI TO ME!”)   Maia’s heartbeat sounds fine and I still have trace protein in my urine.  I’ve also gained more weight (sigh) and am closing in on 40 lbs added.  In all honesty I don’t particularly care about how much weight I gain during the pregnancy unless it becomes a health issue, I just dread the thought of counting the pounds afterwards because I just know I’ll be worrying about them along with everything else that’ll be on my mind, and I hate that thought.

I felt as if breathing was a bit difficult last night, as if I were constantly labouring to breathe.  I’m wondering if this was psychological and I just felt this way because Chris mentioned something about how heavily I was breathing in the car last night.  I certainly don’t feel short of breath, but my nose is pretty stuffy and I am thirstier than usual.  Chris says I’m not panting like a dog anymore, so that’s reassuring at least.

Yesterday was a really productive day.  We were out of the house ‘early’ (hey, 10am is early!) to head to an office to get my Social Insurance Number (the Canadian equivalent of a Social Security Number), and it’s the first official piece of documentation I have with my MARRIED name on it which is awesome.  Due to going through the permanent residency process, I never bothered putting my married name on documentation because I figured that a name change halfway through the paperwork would be too much trouble, and since every piece of identification I had used my maiden name, I decided to keep things ‘simple’ for us.  But it’s been bugging the shit out of me to think of having my maiden name on my baby’s birth certificate, so I’m in a mad rush to get whatever documentation I can changed over to my married name.  I’m pretty sure my midwife will put my married name on the birth certificate so long as I don’t have to go to the hospital.  I guess I should talk to her about that.

We also finally put my name on the bank account (it’s been on the checks all along).  We couldn’t do it beforehand because I had nothing “official” to prove my Canadian address, and now with my Permanent Resident card I do.  So that’s nice.  And I finally have an ATM card — I haven’t really cared about one since we’ve had a shared Visa account for years now, but it’s still nice.  After doing this we went across the street to this cute little sushi place where they had a bento box lunch special — $6.99 for chicken teriyaki, a salad, and three cucumber rolls.  I thought there was too much of the sweet teriyaki sauce which meant that halfway through I felt like I was eating a lollipop and not rice & protein, but it was altogether really tasty and I would go back again (and get the sauce on the side).

Our friends from Vancouver are out here this week and we were able to visit with them and their 18 month old after lunch.  We were supposed to go see them on Wednesday but the weather was just too nasty to justify leaving the house and driving the 45 minutes to the place they’re staying with family.  Their son is adorable — all smiles and giggles — and pretty well-behaved, as in he didn’t HAVE to be the center of attention and he amused himself with his toys and books.  I really wish they still lived out here or even that we lived out there.  They’ve been friends with Chris for something like 20 years now and they’re really the friends of his that I immediately felt comfortable and compatible with.

After seeing them, we went out to dinner with a friend that moved to that town the same weekend we moved out, someone that I hadn’t seen since November.  I almost ordered the “country fried chicken” since it’s not something I EVER see on menus up here, but the thought of vinegary fries and lemony, salty, beer-battered fish won me over (I think my vinegar/sour taste buds are my most demanding!) and I ended up going for good ol’ fish & chips.

The waitress thought I was totally adorable and fawned over my big belly… it felt nice.  In fact, I find that most women are like that — they are just enamoured by baby belly, and so sweet and complimentary towards me that it makes me blush.  Chris and I laugh about it, and I try to keep in mind that once the baby is actually here, and starts crying out in public, the same people who thought my bump was “so cute” will probably be thinking “SHUT THAT DEMON CHILD UP ALREADY!”  So I’m enjoying this while it lasts.

Related, my mom has been bugging me to get a belly pic and since I haven’t in weeks (I have been so distracted!), that’s next on my list of things to get done!  Soon!

And another one of my bloggy friends has welcomed her new arrival — arrivals, in this case!  Wiser Mom brought twin boys Doot & Bing into the world on January 22nd.  I’ve been following her blog for months now and it’s really awesome to see a picture of those boys I’ve been reading so much about.  Drop by, see for yourself, and congratulate her!


  1. Whitney {RookieMoms.com} said,

    Love the Venn diagram. Very funny.

  2. EricaB/Crazy Momma said,

    I was JUST thinking I hadn’t seen a belly pic in a while!!

  3. Erika said,

    That’s hilarious! I remember when strangers wanted to touch my belly.. asking these stupid questions about cravings too!! & what I really wanted was to tell them to F-Off but I just didn’t have the heart to do it.. lol

  4. Cara said,

    Nobody ever touched my stomach. I think I must give off a get the fuck away from me vibe or something. Also, people won’t give you dirty looks when your newborn cries. In fact, it’s like catnip for mothers. I swear. They’ll come running to see the little one.

  5. Tatiana said,

    I don’t mind if people touch my belly when they ask first. And honestly, every single person that’s touched has asked, so it’s been nice 🙂

  6. Ms. Core said,

    LOVE the Venn diagram. If I had a quarter for everytime someone made some joke about pickles…..seriously…

    Glad everything else is coming together, just in time for baby!! Practice labor is a good sign (i think that is what you mean by cramping on and off) but take it from me it can go on FOREVER and you will still be waiting for your little one.

    What did you decide about the membrane sweep? (or maybe you wrote back after my comment with the studies awhile back…haven’t checked)

  7. Tatiana said,

    I’m going to go ahead with it starting on Monday and continue at my weekly visits afterwards. It’s standard procedure for them and nothing seems to indicate that it’s harmful to the mother or the baby, and I’d rather take that step to try and get the baby here sooner than be worried about 42 weeks and getting induced via IV.

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