He might win a dollar

February 4, 2009 at 10:22 pm (Baby Stuff) (, , )

Chris made a bet with a lady at work that I would not go into labour tonight (as in, he will be at work tomorrow morning at 5am).  Whoever loses, loses a dollar.  I told him he should have made it at least two dollars, so he could buy me a hot chocolate.

Earlier this afternoon, I made up a grocery list on one of those online grocery ordering services, since Chris anticipates us using that for at least the first month after Maia’s arrival.  I printed out the list and brought it to the Wal-mart that just opened up around the corner, to compare prices.  (Also, wtf, is Wal-Mart a secret in Canada?  I’ve never seen one so empty unless it was like 3am.  I even found a parking spot close to the front door, without trying.) Since pretty much everything was vastly cheaper, I ended up walking around buying groceries.  This is the longest I have stood and walked around in a month…

… and now I’m cramping regularly.  Not contraction pain — and honestly, I haven’t had a recognizable ‘contraction’ in about 24 hours now — but little twinges down low in my uterus, near my cervix, like I’ve been experiencing when Maia moves anytime since Monday, except now they’re happening whenever they want to regardless of what she’s up to.  When I walk (and I’m in and out of the washroom constantly), every once in awhile I’ll get this shooting numbness in my hip, like I’m pinching a nerve and temporarily losing feeling.  With wide, anxious eyes, Chris is telling me “she’s dropped, your belly is definitely lower”.  My lower back is achy, although I’m assuming that’s just from walking around so much, and I’ve got a heating pad on it.

But strangest of all?  I smell different.  I’ve never really been aware of how my body smells, but I am right now, and it’s different from normal.

I don’t think anything is going to happen tonight, but I do wonder how close to game time we are…

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  1. EricaB/Crazy Momma said,

    She’s dropped 🙂 I remember those feelings. It’s funny, I didn’t remember them until you talked about them then I was like…OHHHHH YEAH…I REMEMBER that tingling low belly feeling 🙂 Yippee!!!

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