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February 7, 2009 at 7:23 am (Baby Stuff) (, , )

No one warned me how much this part of the pregnancy sucks.  Waiting on Baby is not enjoyable!  I just want her here, or at least to know that I’m in the process of bringing her here.  Right now I know that in a vague way, as in she’ll be here sometime this month, but I want to know that she’s … imminent.  I want to be in labour (and when I am? I will laugh at myself for writing that).  I wish no one had ever mentioned that she might be early (especially not my midwife, although in her defense it’s not the end of the weekend yet!).  I wish my grandpa hadn’t dreamed of storks, and Chris hadn’t noticed that the full moon will be here on Monday.  I wish I were still walking around with a smirk and expecting to be at least a week late.

My nipples were tingling all day yesterday.  I kept staring down at my shirt to see if I was like lactating or something.  I’m wasn’t.  I can’t believe my boobs are going to sustain life (when I told Chris this, he said, “They can sustain my life anytime… bow chica wow wow!”)

Insofar as any progress — well, nothing really to report.  I had my most intense cramp so far (NOT a contraction) last night while watching Jeopardy, which I was kicking ass at btw, but that’s really it.

Chris asked me out on a “date” tonight.  Kinda.  There aren’t any movies out that we want to see.  He doesn’t eat big dinners on weeks when he works, since he goes to bed so early, and dinners tend to be pretty pricey to eat out anyhow.  So I suggested we head to Caffé Demetre and just have dessert for dinner.  I don’t think I’ll be getting the apple pie again, though.

His mom flew in last night and I expect she’ll be over soon, so that may throw a little kink in our plans, but I will leave her here alone if I have to!

Also, I need more interesting webpages to visit.  I spend all day rotating vapidly between World of Warcraft related pages, pregnancy/parenting blogs, and foodie blogs — but now that I’ve pretty much given up WoW and have no intention of returning, there’s a huge gap in my internet browsing habits.  I guess I shouldn’t need to worry about that for too much longer, really… soon enough I may not even have time to keep up commenting on all my favourite mommy blogs!


  1. Maria said,

    It really is the worst part. Hang in there!

  2. cristin said,

    My least part of pregnancy for sure… my midwife kept telling me to have sex and play with my nipples… cause you know how sexy you feel right now…. blech….

  3. cristin said,

    least favorite (favourite?) part… gotta read comments before I hit submit….

  4. Tatiana said,

    Yeah, my husband was looking at natural ways to stimulate labour… finally he’s like “Ugh, we could try to have sex,” with all the same enthusiasm that one might say “Ugh, we could go walk across broken glass”. Which is okay, because that’s how I feel too.

    But now he wants to take me out to Mexican for dinner, so that’s cool. I love that giving yourself indigestion is a suggested way to start labour… as if it’s not going to be unpleasant enough!

  5. EricaB/Crazy Momma said,

    Enjoy your night out. God knows it won’t be easy to get out for a while at least.

    I went early with both boys…however, the end was the WORST. I felt like a cow, it was hard to breath, I had indigestion, I had insomnia…I wanted it OVER (and I LOVED being pregnant).

    Other ways to stimulate labor:

    Essential oils (check online for some good suggestions), and there is an acupressure point on the ankle (again, check online)…who couldn’t use a good foot rub, right?!

  6. Ms. Core said,

    Yeah for a date!!! I agree that this part is hardest emotionally. Especially when it drags on and on. Hopefully you won’t have to wait much longer.

  7. Michelle said,

    We went out for dinner the night that I went into labour. If you find that you suddenly can’t sit comfortably (I really was sitting at the edge of the seat the entire time). Then again, the night we got home from the hospital, we also went out for dinner. It was awesome!
    Get some sleep while you can, it will be soon!

  8. Ms. Core said,

    I can’t find your e-mail address on this blog…can you e-mail it to

  9. Gala said,

    Poor Maia…all this pressure to be born already! She will take her sweet time because she is like her mommy…nobody tells her when to do something..she does it when she is good and ready to!:)

  10. Tatiana said,

    hah! that is what Chris said yesterday… “She’s so damned stubborn, let’s try reverse psychology.” Then he put his mouth close to where her head is and said “STAY IN THERE FOREVER, DEFINITELY DON’T COME OUT ANYTIME SOON”

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