No stretchin’, no sweepin’

February 9, 2009 at 6:46 pm (Baby Stuff) (, , )

At this afternoon’s appointment, my midwife determined that Maia’s head had dropped a bit more — she’s now at +1, 1 cm above my pelvic spines, as opposed to last week’s +2, so this is good — but, with that and the fact that she’s switched which side her back is on and repositioned means that my cervix is now too far back to be examined properly.  Sigh.  Georgia was really disappointed that her fingers were “just too short” to check me out, but she’s going to come and do a home visit during the week to re-evaluate my status.

Something really touching that happened was Georgia saying “I kept waiting for you to page me all week!  Every time I looked down at my pager I expected to see your name pop up.”  It’s this woman’s job to help pregnant women, and she’s brought many babies into the world in the years… yet she is still excited for Chris and I.  I wager she’s excited for all of her patients.  It is a really cool feeling to know that your medical partner is happy and eager to help.

Spicy food has done nothing to give me stomach cramps (I can’t believe I’m trying to give myself indigestion)… I guess I’m too damned strong for it.  Georgia suggested that we try fresh pineapple as well, so we picked up one of those on the way home (peeled and cored already… I’ve never cut a pineapple myself and I don’t plan to dull my knives on one while pregnant!)  She said a lot of women try castor oil — we’ve heard some horror stories about it — but that it’s “brutal” and she doesn’t suggest it.  I mean hell, I’m not really desperate, so I don’t mind going easy on any rumoured labour starters.  Sunday’s my due date.  Again, she said it’ll probably be this weekend, but now I feel like “this weekend” is a carrot and I’m a horse!

But as we left the office, she grinned at me and said: “Cherish the time you two have now… and try to get extra rest… you need to be well-rested for your upcoming labour!”


  1. Scary Mommy said,

    Stay away from the castor oil, girlfriend!!! I spent the night in the ER with the worst stomach cramps EVER and left with no baby. It was awful. She’ll be here soon and you’ll wonder what the rush was. 🙂

  2. EricaB/Crazy Momma said,

    Scary Mommy is right! She IS going to come and then you will think “MAN, I could have slept all that time I was stressing about her coming”…and you SHOULD – sleep, that is 🙂

  3. Ms.Core said,

    Agreed, agreed. Although the end was emotionally tough, I wish I had stayed in bed the last week and not stressed out so much. But yes I would of been annoyed if I couldn’t have gotten them swept again too, so sorry to hear. I hope your blog silence today means something is a happenin’.

  4. Tatiana said,

    No, nothing happening today… just installed a game on my computer and have been playing mindlessly with Chris 😉

  5. Damselfly said,

    Wow, it’s getting so close and so is your baby! Sending you good wishes.

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