Early Labour?

February 12, 2009 at 5:03 pm (Baby Stuff) (, , )

Edit: Will be updating this post as long as I can, but with the pain I’m experiencing now I can’t see there being a whole lot more updates if/when the contractions get closer together. Scroll down for the latest recorded contraction times and thoughts.

Contractions at:




4:13 ?




4:57 ?



5:18 ?





6:13 ?


6:28 ?











Question marks next to the ones that did NOT make me want to puke.  Stars next to ones that were very short but very intense, maybe 5-10 seconds of stabbing pain with a very short lead-up that faded immediately when the stabbing did.

The worst is when they catch me when I’m standing up… holy fuck… standing up already puts so much weight down in my pelvis that it’s an intense ache, but a contraction while standing?  Ughhh.

Poor Chris.

Update 6:24pm – We called our midwife, talked with her a bit about the duration/intensity, she of course can’t say whether we’re looking at a full night of labour or whether this is a ‘false session’ that’s going on 3 hours.  Chris is going to the grocery store to pick up some popsicles & Gravol for me.  Grandmas have been called and my mom will be heading out tomorrow morning — the thought of her driving in snow through Buffalo in the middle of the night just doesn’t leave anyone feeling comfortable and safe.    Standing up if I’ve been sitting down for a few minutes is almost guaranteed to bring on a contraction (uh oh, not looking forward to getting off this computer).  I tried to relax in the tub but our tub is too fucking small for even me to get comfortable in, so now I’m labouring on the couch.  It feels most comfortable when I’m stretched out and I might try lying on my side with a pillow between my knees for awhile.

Update 7:50pm – I keep burping.  It tastes like pot pie and it’s fucking disgusting.  Lying on my side is by far the most ‘comfortable’ position so far to experience these contractions in.  I’ve also taken 1000mg of acetominophen so that’s probably helping.    I’m getting a lot of very short contractions although they’re quite intense.  The feeling as they fade away is so fucking good… like a unicorn smiling at me while a bunny rabbit blows me kisses and Jesus washes my feet.  The popsicles Chris bought are really good but I know I’m not drinking enough — going to have to focus on doing that.  Going on four hours now of these contractions.  I wish I had gotten more sleep last night.  Haha…


  1. Ms. Core said,

    I’d say so! But it can stop and restart so don’t be too disappointed if they go away for awhile. Mine were never that regular even once in active labor and my baby was definitely on his way.

  2. Cara said,

    Keep your spirits up. Labor is an unpredictable thing. You can do it, girl!

  3. cristin said,


    I got chills thinking about what you are about to experience! Good luck! Can’t wait to read the next post!

  4. existere said,

    OH MY GOD. Good luck!

  5. Lesha said,

    Good luck!

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