My favourite picture so far

February 13, 2009 at 8:23 pm (Baby Stuff) (, )

I mean seriously, is this furry girl not gorgeous in red?




  1. ck said,

    Congratulations! She’s absolutely beautiful. Hope you’re feeling well!

  2. Damselfly said,

    So sweet! She is truly gorgeous.

  3. Scary Mommy said,

    Eeeeeeeekkkkkkk! She is just beautiful!!!! Makes me totally want a newborn!

  4. cristin said,

    ACK!! She reminds me so much of Dottie! Stop making me want another one!

  5. humpsNbump said,

    OMG. Congratulations! She is absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to hear more about your first few days with baby.

  6. Ms.Core said,

    Red is def her color!! Appreciate every moment, they change so, so fast. Hope you are getting some sleep.

  7. Jinxy said,

    Congrats!!! She’s beautiful.

  8. Cara said,

    She’s beautiful!! And my goodness, look at all that hair!!

  9. Pamela said,

    Congrats!!! She’s lovely!

  10. becca said,

    Holy chunks of furry cuteness!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With those looks I’m pretty sure she’d be lovely in any color.

    Congrats again,

  11. EricaB/Crazy Momma said,


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