57 Hours In…

February 15, 2009 at 9:59 am (Baby Stuff) (, , )

I’ve been wanting to type up a post sooner, but to be honest, my ass hurts, and sitting at my computer has been so low on my list of priorities.  My little hemorrhoid buds took the opportunity during labour to blossom into hemorrhoid flowers, and out of everything else that’s happening, they’re the most obnoxious thing.  Trying to stand up is an exercise in patience, perserverance, and tolerance for feeling like my entire intestinal system is going to slide out of my anus.  I don’t think you can describe my movement as “walking”.

In fact, here’s a good representation of how mobile I am:

But, enough explaining.  On to the good stuff!

I tore badly during the birth.  So badly that, at 2:30am after some breastfeeding, bonding, and clean-up, I had to go to the hospital.  I didn’t tear once, I tore three times — in the shape of a W kinda — and one went at a fairly funny angle that my midwives simply didn’t feel comfortable taking care of.  Of course, seeing as it was over 90 minutes between when I gave birth and when I went to the hospital, I wasn’t bleeding horribly; the tears were just awkward. I haven’t pooped since I was in labour, though…. I’ll write more about the hospital experience another time.

Breastfeeding — so far, so good.  We are having a little bit of an issue with getting the latch right in the dark at night, but since we’re kind of both learning how to deal with one another in this way, I’m not too upset by it.  Chris turns on the lamp, Maia and I work out our latch, and everyone’s happy.  My next goal  is the perfect the side-latch while lying down move, so we have to move around less at night.

Sleeping — what’s that?  I’m running on Mommy Adrenaline or something right now, because I’m definitely not running on regular energy.  I’ve stopped trying to keep track of how much sleep I get per night, because it’s not really relevant; what matters is that my girl is getting fed.  I don’t feel tired, although I know my body actually is and it probably needs more rest to heal; my shoulders and neck are incredibly tight (and you don’t want to know how many typos I’ve made trying to write this post so far). We’re actually finding that she — and we — sleep better if we swaddle her up and set her between us in the bed, which was not at all what we intended to do.  She will sleep in her bassinet for a few hours and then once she wakes up from that, all she wants is to be near us.

My baby girl is beautiful though.  She’s getting more beautiful every time I look at her.  This morning she woke up (quietly) around 7am, and as dawn broke I was feeding her, watching her, watching the sun brighten her skin with hues of rose and orange, and it brought tears to my eyes.  We’re so lucky to have her here.

And now, she needs to feed, so I need to go.



  1. Ms.Core said,

    Sorry to hear about your perineum. I am not sure how our tears compare (except that mine was not a zigzag, i think mine was classified as 2nd degree) but thought you would like to know that mine healed pretty quick. I took Advil for a few days to get me thru the worst and by about a week I was pretty close to normal feeling.

    Funny how everyone wishes they could of slept in retrospect during this time but they have way too much adrenaline to do so. If you just hang in there it really does get better, the sleep, the baby, the state of mind…etc. Although you already sound way more coherent that I did for the first week or so.

    I am so excited to hear your whole birth story and see more pics..when you get to it of course.

  2. J.C said,

    Sorry to hear about your tears! Wishing you speedy healing.
    Lauren was much the same with her sleep. I gave up on the bassinet in the end and three and a half months on she’s still sleeping with us! Getting sleep was/is much more important than getting her to sleep in her cot. It does all get better, the baby high is bliss. Enjoy all these moments with her!! As someone else told me – make the most of the time your baby wants nothing more than to be near you. It really isn’t long before they start wanting to explore the rest of their world.
    Hugs to all your beautiful family.

  3. EricaB/Crazy Momma said,

    We did the co-sleeping thing for a while with both my boys. I had to kick my first out at 9 months and it was heart wrenching (I actually picked the smoking habit back up and chain smoked on the front porch while he screamed…it was horrifying…part of me regrets it but the other part of me valued that sleep so much…). My second was much easier (or I was better prepared). We put him to bed while he was awake and he fell asleep on his own. He would move into our bed when he woke up to feed.

    No advice – this is your stuff – just sharing my experience. You will get plenty of unsolicited advice for the rest of yours (and her) life. 🙂

    Hope you are healing well! I look forward to your updates!

  4. Damselfly said,

    I’m sorry to hear you tore so badly! It hurts just thinking about it.

    It’s cool you can nurse lying down, though — I never got the hang of it! I hope I can do it with baby #2 because it sure would be nice not to have to sit up for an hour a couple times a night like I did with Fly.

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