Five Days Gone By…

February 17, 2009 at 8:45 pm (Baby Stuff) (, , , )

Time is going by so quickly that the last five days are a blur.  I need to carry around a notebook to keep all my thoughts in, because getting to the computer means I have to hand her to someone else and I miss her every second we’re not next to each other.  I get teary-eyed every night when I have to put her in her bassinet (although invariably, halfway through the night, she’ll end up in bed between Chris and I).

My milk came in yesterday (Monday) morning, and my boobs have been leaking randomly.  I was actually kind of worried for awhile, since she did not poop at all on Monday — there was about a 28 hour break between poops before we had one this morning at around 10am.  I thought maybe my milk was disagreeing with her system somehow, but she was sleeping well, feeding fine, heavily wetting diapers, and kept her beautiful disposition.

Speaking of disposition — around 9am this morning I woke up because she was fussing, and without thought, I pulled her over and laid her against my breast in a side latch.  She opened her eyes and we just watched each other as she fed.  Her eyes are brown already.  I looked over at Chris, who was looking at us, and smiled as I said, “I think someone messed up and gave us an angel instead of a baby.”

And all day she’s proven me right.  I know every mother must feel this way about their baby.  But she doesn’t cry often at all; when she does, she soothes herself or calms down as soon as we address her concern.  We’ve discovered that she loves riding in the car.  She loves lying on a heating pad (obviously we keep a blanket or two between her body and the pad).  She loves looking at people, or light.  When we bathed her today, we laid a warm, wet washcloth over her body and she was calm for the entire bath, just looking around as we cleaned her.  She loves when we swing her baby carrier back and forth — it quieted her immediately when she started to cry today during her first trip out of the house.

Georgia came over and met her for the first time this evening, and could not stop talking about how absolutely lovely and healthy-looking she is. It turns out Maia’s put on SIX OUNCES in the last two days — then Georgia said, “She’ll go through growth spurts where all she does is eat and eat and eat…”

At that point, I asked, “Uh, when can I expect one of those?”  Because seriously, she’s at my boob ALL THE TIME and if there is going to be more…. good grief!  But it turns out that she’s probably experiencing one right now.  Most babies put on a half to a full ounce per day at this point.  Maia’s overachieving.

Apparently my ladyparts are doing really well, but it’s my hemorrhoids that are making me so uncomfortable.  Fortunately, the refrigerated Tucks pads are a godsend and as soon as I apply them, I feel wayyyy better.

She sleeps three to four hours at a time, which means Chris and I are getting enough rest to handle her with confidence and ease.  I hope this doesn’t change!


  1. Cara said,

    I’m so glad things are going so well! I was watching a documentary today, “The Business of Being Born,” (which was very interesting, btw) and I kept thinking of your wonderful story and wishing that my own delivery had been so smooth.

    And post more pictures!!

  2. Damselfly said,

    “I think someone messed up and gave us an angel instead of a baby.” Awww!

  3. cristin said,

    She sounds so much like Dottie! She was the easiest going newborn.. never fussed, ate and slept like a champ.. and her good disposition has continued… I wish you the same!

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