I am milk…

February 19, 2009 at 5:00 pm (Baby Stuff) (, , )

My milk came in a few days ago, and that whole ‘engorgement’ thing is not a joke.  Also not a joke is that MY BOOBS LEAK.  I am forever having to wear those little nursing pads under my nursing bra (and btw I prefer bras with flaps that open in the front as opposed to the ones that you just tug aside for convenience, but, the tug ones are more comfortable).

The other night I fell asleep in bed without a bra on and made such a mess that Chris had wash the sheets the next morning.  I’ve squirted Maia across the face, made a mess of her hair, and filled her mouth to overflowing so she coughs milk back all over me.  I’ve soaked through nipple pads and left a sad little nipple teardrop dampening my shirt.

At least now I know to pack the nipple pads and a spare nursing bra in my diaper bag when we leave the house!


  1. Cara said,

    Engorgement sucks. I had it for like six months. No kidding. And I had to wear the pads the whole time. Any tiny bit of money I saved on tampons and pads, I spent on nursing pads.

  2. Ms Core said,

    HI there! Still reading and always mean to comment but I have too much to say and I get overwhelmed that I won’t get it done before I get called away and so I don’t do it…. Sounds like everything is going splendid. I am so happy to hear that. Your title of the post Frankenvag scared me a bit tho, I was a little worried there might be a pic or something 🙂 but happy to hear all is well in your nether regions. I didn’t have the guts to look for a while you are a brave girl.

    Maia is so incredibily beautiful, where did she get all that black hair..I wonder if it will fall out and come back in lighter? Oh and a link I enjoyed reading about my newborn’s appearance.
    http://www.med.umich.edu/1libr/pa/pa_newbappe_hhg.htm, meant to send it to you before.

    Hugs to the whole family and I am in total awe of your ability to blog so much…you must be way more organized that I am.

  3. mommyme said,

    Ugh! I hated that. Leaking ALL over the place. My poor husband thought I was going to drown him in his sleep. LOL!! When I went out I used to wear LILY PADZ. They keep the milk from coming out and if it does it’s contained. No more leakage! YAY!! At home isn’t so bad, but when I was out shopping and had to keep going to the bathroom to change my boob pads, well, that got old. I used to gag my daughter all the time, poor kid. My supply leveled itself out in the first 3 months. 🙂 Good luck and keep making that Mama Milk!!!

  4. cristin said,

    I had a really hard time with the constantly leaking boobs. I had a ton of extra milk and pumped between nursing sessions, which didn’t help the leaking… after a couple months my body got a clue and the milk production settled down…

    You know what’s weird? I stopped nursing Dottie last summer, she was around 16 months old.. and I’m STILL freaking leaking!!! WTF is that!??!!!

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