Little Random Maia Things

February 25, 2009 at 7:50 pm (Baby Stuff) (, , , )

Sometimes when I’m trying to feed her, Maia gets this super angry face.  I call it her “angry old man” face, and she just goes at my nipple with her mouth wide open, headbanging against my boob, not actually trying to drink.  It cracks me up (until she does it when I’m exhausted and just want her to eat and go to bed!)

She also smiles once in awhile.  Totally unpredictably, but when she does, she has a dimple on her right cheek and it makes me melt.

She gets hiccups at least three times a day, generally — although we’ve had one day where I don’t remember her having them at all, and of course then I decided that there must be something wrong with her!

Tonight we’re trying out her Baby Bjorn carrier for the first time.  I’m not sure I have it fitted right but she totally loves it!  I want to make dinner though, which I’m (obviously) not going to do with her little feet sticking out of this.  We brought out her swing to give that a try, but it needs four D batteries… which we don’t have.  Sigh!



  1. Ms. Core said,

    I know exactly the face and mine does it too! He also snorts while he does it, does she? Cute pic, you look thin!! And I see you can wear your ring again!!

  2. Cara said,

    I tell all of my friends having kids: look for a swing you can plug in! The batteries are a major pain in the ass and you go through them much faster than you’d expect. Sophie had the hiccups for the first three months of her life. Seriously. It was insane.

  3. Tatiana said,

    She snorts lots too, haha! And kinda makes these little grunty noises. It really makes me laugh.

    The swing was a gift, but if I could make it plug in-able … that would be phenomenal.

  4. Gala said,

    OH MY GOD has she changed since I saw her less then a week ago! btw–you look great 🙂

  5. pastelprincess said,

    I am wildly in love with that look on her face in her baby bjorn. Ha. Adorible. And woo-hoo! another girl with dimples, that’s what I’m talking about 🙂

  6. humpsNbump said,

    Maia looks so so cute in her Bjorn. And you look great!! So glad to hear that motherhood is treating you so well. 🙂

  7. cristin said,

    I could never figure out the Bjorn, or the Snugli, or the several Slings I had… I’m a special kind of stupid.

  8. Damselfly said,

    I think my gifts to new parents will be an assortment of batteries, nothing else. 😉

    Maia looks ready for anything!

  9. HeatherErin said,

    Oh! I just came over to see if you had sprogged yet, and there she is! And she’s beautiful!!!!!

    (And well done for baby-wearing – ring slings saved my sanity!)

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