Mo’ Sleepy Time

February 28, 2009 at 4:28 pm (Baby Stuff) (, , )

After yesterday’s post… Maia slept in 2.5-3 hour long blocks through the night.

And now, she’s been pulling the 60-90 min long naps all through the day.

That’s cool though, I can totally deal with this.

Earlier today she woke up and screamed after only 10 minutes, so I picked her up and laid her against me like she was in the carrier (with her back to my front, one hand supporting her bum and the other holding under her arms), then bounced around the house.  She was out like a light in literally two minutes.  As I settled down into my glider rocker, the dogs ran over and started whining to go out, so I asked Chris to take them.  He said he’d take the baby instead and I could take the dogs.  Kind of a shit deal in my humble opinion, but, fresh air can’t hurt me… so as I handed her over to him, I teasingly said, “I hope she screams for you!”

As I headed out the front door, she screamed (I think she was gassy, since she’d woken up twice before that with a scream, not the slow sort of fussiness & whimpering as usual).  SEVERAL minutes later when I came back in with the dogs, she was still screaming.  Whoops.  I didn’t actually mean that I wanted her to holler at her daddy the whole time…


  1. mommyme said,

    If she’s gassy you could try Gripe Water. That stuff is fantastic and totally safe. Here it is….

    All my kids were kinda fussy for the first few weeks. They’re still getting used to this new world. 🙂 I hope she starts sleeping better and the gas gets better, too!

  2. Gala said,

    Remember that whatever you eat that may cause gas in adults, will cause gas in Maia. Gentle reminder about caffiene too–I know you like Coke and tea…need to switch to decaf on both.

  3. Ms. Core said,

    My little guy likes that position too. The sleep periods do get longer so just hang in there. Although supposedly the evening sleep is the longest nightime sleep period for most babies, I guess her timing is a little off now and it will shift.

    I have this book “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child” that has pretty accurately described what has happened to my baby’s sleep periods. What I like most about the book is that he descriptively tells you what to expect when and doesn’t adhere to any method of getting your baby asleep (meaning cry it out versus always putting to bed asleep or the in between) but he does underscore the importance of sleep and gives some suggestions for lengthening the periods of sleep and what to do with colicky/fussy babes (doesn’t sound like yours is).

    Sounds like all is going very well tho and she is growing fabulously!! Great job!

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