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March 3, 2009 at 7:53 pm (Baby Stuff) (, , , )

I stepped out of the shower, and realized how long I’d been lingering in there when I stepped out and found myself encased in steam.  It felt so nice to have those minutes to myself, just relaxing, and my boobs were my own — not an extension of my daughter’s mouth that just happen to be attached to my body.

I feel wonderful, though.  The toughest parts of my day are just before bed and first thing in the morning: I start to get frustrated over her not being asleep yet at night, and then I wish she’d stop fussing and just settle in to sleep for another hour in the morning.  But still, it makes me smile when she falls asleep in my arms, or when we wake up together and she opens her eyes for the first time in the new daylight and meets my gaze.

We’ve actually been sleeping really well the past two nights, and I’m grateful for it.  We go to bed and sleep for three hours.  Then, I find that I’m starting to sleep through her casual fussing that she’ll just sleep through, and if I wake up, it’s because she’s awake and fussing because of that.  So as soon as I hear her hit a certain pitch, I grab her and put her to the breast; I burp her afterwards, take her out into the living room and change her diaper, then settle onto the couch in the dark and feed her on the other breast until she falls asleep.  This process has only been running us 20-30 minutes altogether, and then she’ll sleep for another 3 hours.  It’s great!

Monday afternoon we took her to the doctor, since there was some concern about a possible heart murmur at her Thursday midwife appointment (Georgia thought she heard one at the beginning of the meeting, then didn’t hear one at the end).  Maia’s just fine, no murmur, and growing quite well; Thursday she was 9lb 5oz, Monday she was 9lb 11oz, from a birth weight of 8lb 120z.

Anyhow, since she’s asleep now, I’m going to return to watching Jeopardy! with Chris… yay, adult time!


  1. Gala said,

    You are turning into a pro at this mothering thing 🙂
    I was stressing a little about the murmur thing until I looked it up online and read that about 50% of all newborns have innocent murmurs that can take up to 2 years to self correct. But, it is nice to know all is okay. Maia is almost Katie birth sized! Imagine giving birth to THAT?? I must have amazing hip bones..LOL

  2. Tatiana said,

    hah! Like you said when you were up here… we’re strong Polish women!

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