All I think about anymore is sleep and poop

March 10, 2009 at 5:45 pm (Baby Stuff) (, , , , )

In a stunning feat of sheer love, Maia has deigned to take an evening nap at a time convenient for me to make dinner, eat dinner, check blogs, take a long shower, and now type up this post.  Clearly she is happy with me.

We’ve been co-sleeping again, because she sleeps well (and so do I) like that.  Last week she stayed in the bassinet pretty much all week, except for daytime naps when she and I would snuggle in bed, but it really seems like during the last few days she just does not want to be away from her mommy and daddy.  If she’s fussy and either of us picks her up, she quiets right down, snuggles up against us (or, okay, we pull her against us!), and falls right back asleep.  Last night she got sleepy pretty late, around 1am, and I tried to lay her in the bassinet.  She slept for about 15 minutes, then got fussy; Chris picked her up and took her out to lay on his chest on the couch, and they slept together there for awhile.  I don’t remember him bringing her back into the bedroom or what time it was, but apparently I breastfed her and we fell asleep, because I woke up around 3:30am sitting against my headboard with Maia having slid down my front and sleeping sitting up between my legs with her head settled on my stomach.  Hilarious!

So after another little feeding and changing her, I tried to put her back into the bassinet — no dice.  FIVE TIMES IN A ROW I tried to put her back in the bassinet after she fell asleep in my arms, with limp limbs and calm, deep breaths to indicate she was truly asleep, but she kept waking up.  Finally I rolled onto my side, laid her next to me, and fed her — after a very few sucks, she broke the latch and fell asleep, so I slept with her.  And we slept for hours.  It was beautiful.

Of course, right now she’s actually sleeping in her swing, after having fallen asleep in the Baby Bjorn.  Maybe if I could stay awake after she falls asleep in the bed or on the couch with me, I could move her into the bassinet. (which I love — it’s this one)  But really, the time when she’ll want to be in bed with us will be short (or the time that I’ll want her in bed with us!), and I might as well enjoy it.



  1. Maria said,

    I am really enjoying your posts. I’m so glad you’re keeping us updated about life with Maia.

  2. Ms. Core said,

    Sigh…my intentions to keep my little guy in his crib also grow weaker and weaker as the night wears on too, it’s just so much easier to leave hiim there after a feeding. Sadly tho, unlike you I don’t sleep very well with him next to me. I am a little paranoid I will smother him although I know there is not much chance of that in my brain.

  3. Sandra said,

    Congratulations on the family bed! It’s such a loving, natural gift to give your baby.

    As a mom who has loved co-sleeping with all four of her kids (and has baby #4 in her bed right now), I can tell you that this time is fleeting. I vividly remember nursing my first son in the middle of the night, as he snuggled between his Daddy and me, and now he’s gearing up to get his driver’s license.

    This is such a blip on the radar of life – no child has “never left the bed” or “would never get to sleep on their own” in the history of the world. We’re the only culture (Western) that seems to think it’s normal to separate immediately from birth and “train” a child to be independent. You’ll find the more attached you are, the more independent baby will eventually be – secure in the knowledge that mama loves him so much she shared her big bed. (Oh, and to the previous poster that wonders about smothering – the same “sense” that keeps you from falling out of bed every night, added to the sense that it’s your baby, will prevent you from rolling on your miracle. It just doesn’t happen. Baby wouldn’t just lay there, either – he would flail, kick, cry, coo,, something to escape… horror stories you may have heard are related to drug use or obesity – basically unsafe co-sleeping!)…

    Anyways, I rambled… the family bed is a passion of mine, and I am so happy that more and more moms realize it’s the way everyone sleeps best and baby is safest and most secure! Congratulations again!

  4. Cara said,

    We didn’t move our daughter to her crib until she was four months old. She slept either with us or in her co-sleeper bassinet until then. I loved it. I wanted her to stay with us longer. Don’t rush moving her out of the bed, those days really are gone so quickly. Enjoy!

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