March 16, 2009 at 4:04 pm (Baby Stuff) (, , , )

If what a mother eats can impact her breastfed baby’s digestion, then I think bananas may be our culprit.  Now, I’ve only been keeping track of what I eat for three days now, but for three days I’ve had bananas and she’s had gas; yesterday I had two, and as I wrote, she was a mess yesterday.  I know that I didn’t have bananas her first week here, and I don’t remember any incidents of crying because of gassiness then.

No more bananas, to test this theory out!



  1. Gala said,

    Them sneaky bananas! I also read that bananas may cause gas if eaten with a meal, or right after a meal high in fat. So…seems to me, if you want a banana, you should eat it alone. Is breast milk high in fat? Maybe the banana in the fatty breastmilk causes the gassiness? Hmmm…need to google…

  2. J.C said,

    I found with Lauren it was if I’d had a few apricots, which sucked, cause they were so good this season. Oh well! I’ll be able to eat them next season 😉

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