Tickling Maia

March 24, 2009 at 11:26 am (Baby Stuff) (, , , )

Maia is almost always the most wonderful baby in the mornings.  She is responsive and loving, super aware of everything around her, and although I’m definitely not a morning person, she makes it worth waking up every day. Here is a little video of her daddy taking advantage of her good mood:



  1. cristin said,

    I love when they’re all floppy and wiggly like that!!!

  2. EricaB/Crazy Momma said,

    I love it! Look at her moving around! Amazing!

  3. Tatiana said,

    You know what cracks me up every time? Her toes when Chris first tickles her. Hahaha 🙂

  4. Jinxy said,

    That is so friggin’ cute.

  5. Cara said,

    That is adorable!! There’s nothing like those little baby tickles.

  6. Gala said,

    I think I have watched this like 20 times now, and I smile every time!

  7. Ms. Core said,


  8. becky klingensquiggle said,

    awww i havent been on here for like a week, i used to check your blog every day while i watch the baby but i kept forgetting my computer :[

    shes so squiggly and wiggly and cute!!!
    come back really soon and visit!

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