A serious scare

April 3, 2009 at 9:45 pm (Baby Stuff) (, , )

Maia was being pretty pissy after we took her out of tonight’s bath.  Whenever she would start calming down, I’d move her towards a breast, and as soon as I got her in a horizontal position, she’d scrunch her face up and scream, then need to be soothed all over again.

Well, after half an hour of this, I figured I’d carry her around in the Bjorn until she soothed or slept or I gave up.  As soon as I finished fastening it up, she made this odd sort of strangled, gurgling hiccup noise and vomited (not like a dribble of spit-up, but a prolific amount).  Then, something just made my gut twist, and I started fumbling to get her out of the harness.  I didn’t think she was breathing.  I leaned far forward, trying to change her position, supporting her as I pulled her out.  As soon as I held her, she felt …. weird.  Like she was stuck on a permanent exhale.  I screamed for Chris as I flipped her to face me, as her eyes were mostly shut — but the dark part I could see looked glazed over and just wrong.

I went running into the bedroom to meet Chris running out, but my scream seemed to startle her.  Her eyes flared wide open and she took a deep breath, then screamed as I handed her to Chris. In his arms, she calmed down (and dizziness swept over me), but I was worried this was her not breathing.  She was fine.

She is fine.  I think she scared herself with whatever happened.  She’s asleep against my shoulder now.  I’m going to keep her in bed with me tonight.


  1. cristin said,

    That scared the crap out of me just reading it…. I hope she’s still snoozing peacefully against her Momma right now….

  2. Tatiana said,

    She woke up as soon as we laid in bed, but that’s okay… she can do no wrong right now.

  3. Cara said,

    How scary!

  4. Jinxy said,

    You weren’t kidding. OMG that is sooo scary.

  5. existere said,

    Jesus. How terrifying. So glad she’s okay – even if you are suffering the aftershocks of a nervous breakdown!

  6. Andi said,

    Oh my goodness that sounds horrific. Glad she’s ok!

  7. Gala said,

    Holy Moses honey, that was scary! So, she has given you your first gray hair! Glad all is okay. Kinda puts stupid arguements into perspective.

  8. ERicaB/CrazyMomma said,

    I just got chills…and a little teary. Those scary times are just too much for us mommies! I am glad she is okay (and that you are as well).

    My youngest has seizures (not regularly and not serious). His neurologist told me that the biggest harm they do is to me…cause I panic every single time it happens.

    Kids are good for that 🙂

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