Final Midwife Appt

April 6, 2009 at 4:57 pm (Baby Stuff) (, , )

I’m bummed that today’s midwife appointment was the last.  I’ve really, really enjoyed working with them and it feels so weird that these women who have been such an integral part of the most amazing thing in my life are now “gone”.  Georgia said we should stop by anytime we’re in the area, and although we’re pretty much never out that way, we very well might make a trip to their office some time on a boring day anyhow!

Maia’s up to 12lb 5oz and 61cm long.  This puts her around the 80th percentile for weight, and 95th for length.  She’s gained 24oz in the past 25 days. This means that she is growing like a weed… or a sunflower.  Yeah, I think I like sunflower better.

She was fussy when Georgia first took her and laid her down to weigh and measure her, but that was expected.  She calmed down as the examination continued, but by the time the baby had been checked out and I was getting examined (fucking pap smear, cold metal speculum, ughhh), Maia was happily cooing and talking to all of us.  She’s so damned adorable.

Georgia asked when we’re going to be back for our second baby… haha.  God help us all, I hope it’s not for a few years yet.  I think Chris and I are both comfortable with the thought of having another baby arrive when Maia’s around three years old or so at the earliest.

At the end of the appointment we took a picture of Maia with Georgia.  One day we can show it to her and say “this is the woman who helped us out all through the pregnancy and heard your heartbeat with us for the first time.  You used to kick her microphone and once you even had hiccups while we were listening that made me laugh so hard she had to move the mic away.”

Sigh.  I miss our midwives already.


  1. Cara said,

    I loved my OB/Gyn so much that it made me sad when I stopped seeing him so often. Luckily, I get to see him once a year for my annual, but it’s not the same. He said the same thing to me about another baby. I just laughed and laughed.

  2. Jinxy said,

    Its so nice that you had such a good experience with your midwife.

  3. existere said,

    Taking the picture was a lovely idea. We wanted to make a picture book for the babies – taking pictures at the IVF clinic, etc. We didn’t do it. So go you!

  4. Ms. Core said,

    Funny, I feel similar about my doc. He is wonderful and it was fun to go there so often.. maybe it’s that he was the first person ever to hold my son or maybe I just need to make some friends…:). Good to hear I am not the only one who feels this way tho….

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